Nanny agencies work for both nannies and families!

 In 2009 the International Nanny Association polled almost 600 nannies to obtain results for the 2010 Nanny Salary and Benefits Survey.  I found some interesting results and wanted to share! These results are based on nannies have reported for 2009.  Out of all of the nannies who were asked almost 50% found their current positions through a local nanny agency.  Another large percentage of nannies  found their job through word of mouth and referrals, which includes nannies referring their friends to an agency.

These responses made all of us at TLC feel great!  

We are here to make sure that both nannies and families feel confident and happy working with our agency to find employment and childcare.  

Just like families, working with an agency really can help a nanny feel more safe and secure when meeting a family and interviewing for a position.  

As placement counselor, I’ve heard my fair share of encounters nannies and families have shared with me about finding each other on their own and while they are usually funny, an agency can help eliminate a lot of the guess and uneasiness work for both parties!

Jessica F.

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