What to Wear for A Nanny Interview

Thank you to Greta Schraer from Nanny 101 for this helpful blog on what to wear for your nanny interview.


“The first interview is your one and only chance to make the right first impression. The saying is true about never getting that second chance. It is important to think about what your clothes, hair, make-up may add or take away from your first impression.

Nanny Sonya carefully placed her resume in a folder with her impeccable references, left 15 minutes early just in case of traffic, and remembered to leave her cell phone in the car as to not take away from the time she would spend with Mr. and Mrs. Johnson. As Mrs. Johnson welcomed Sonya into the house she was greeted with a warm smile, but recognized the messy ponytail in Sonya’s hair… “had she just woken up?” she thought. As they sat around the dining room table Mrs. Johnson couldn’t get past the bright orange chipped finger nails as Sonya pointed to and explained her resume. Sonya had the right experience and the Johnson’s saw her eyes shine bright as she spoke with the children. But as Sonya left, Mrs. Johnson said to her husband… “She was wonderful, but will she teach our girls to care for their bodies and look respectable?”

While the small details such as hair and nails may seem petty, they communicate how you care for yourself and in turn how you will care for children. These details can speak volumes when you are under a microscope. No matter who you are interviewing with, you should put your best foot forward, so to speak.

In my personal opinion, a nice, clean casual outfit is best. For example: khaki pants or pressed jeans and a simple collared shirt. Stay away from tight fitting clothes or plunging neckline. Also, strong perfumes and heavy make-up may leave a lasting impression, and not the good kind. You will want to dress comfortable enough to get on the floor in case you end up playing with kids. Hair can be up or down, but out of the eyes. Finger nails should be properly manicured. I personally think that dressing up in a suit or heels is too much and doesn’t fit the casual nature of the job. It is unlikely that in the privacy of their own home that parents play with their kids dressed to the nines.”

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