Autism Speaks and TLC are training nannies.

 TLC For Kids knows that every child is different.  Our nannies have experience working with special needs kids and kids on the autistic spectrum.  Saint Louis parents need to know that we are here to help.

The number of children in the US diagnosed with autism is on the rise. A new study by the CDC  states that 1 in 88 eight year olds are on the autism spectrum.   In 2002 the number of children with autism was 1 in 150. 

Autism is a neurodevelopment disorder that leads to impaired language, communication, and social skills.   Parents of kids with autism often times feel overwhelmed.  Feeling alone they think that no one understands their child and their needs.  Finding a caregiver or nanny to watch their child may be difficult. 

That is not the case.  TLC For Kids, a nanny placement agency in St. Louis, has caregivers trained to help kids with autism and other special needs.  TLC and Autism Speaks have teamed up and are offering trainings for nannies.  These trainings teach nannies how to work with kids with autism.  Parents who have used the service feel safe knowing that not only is their nanny carefully screened she is also trained to work with kids on the autism spectrum.

The earlier parents and doctors can diagnosis a child with autism the better.  A child diagnosed at 18 months or 24 months and start therapy will have more success than a child diagnosed at 4 or 5 years old when the brain is more developed and harder to change.  TLC nannies can be instrumental in detecting signs of autism and then assisting parents and therapists with the on-on-one attention and directed activities re-enforcing the physical, occupational, play or speech therapies. 

For more information about TLC and their Autism Speaks training please contact Kimberly Patterson at or 314-725-5660.

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