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TLC continues to support your family as we approach back-to-school remote learning during the pandemic.

TLC Nannies and E-learning Assistants provide families with childcare and virtual homeschooling help.

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At Home Learning

TLC has teachers, college students, and degreed professionals available to help with e-learning and homework management virtually or in person. We can help your child with their work so you can focus on yours!

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Nanny Placements and Private Educators

Now more than ever parents are choosing to keep their children home with the help of a nanny or a private educator.

Full and Part-time nannies provide a personal and safe solution to keep your family organized and stress free. Nannies can provide age appropriate activities, prepare snacks and meals, provide outdoor exercise, indoor arts and crafts, supervise on-line homework and on-line after school activities like yoga or art and more.

Private educators can provide one-on-one homeschooling as well as enrichment activities.

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Ghline, TLC Family Care

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