Nannies in St. Louis

All of our fees and price structures are completely transparent so you will always know what you can expect to pay for our services in advance of putting us to work for you.

What will it Cost?

TLC fees vary based on the extent and type of services and care required.  We represent a wide range of household professionals ranging from enthusiastic entry level sitters to seasoned professionals. Our agency fees enable us to provide reliable caregivers and responsive service for families.

Temporary nannies, sitters, & more (scroll down for permanent placements)

This service is for occasional nannies, sitters, newborn caregivers, senior helpers, and other supplemental household help.

Families compensate the caregiver directly in full at the end of each daily/weekly assignment. Associated TLC agency fees are billed directly to the client’s credit card on file upon confirmation of the assignment.

Caregiver rates based on experience, expertise and education:

  • Temporary Nannies, Babysitters, and Companions start at $12 (Midwest) $15 (South / East Coast) per hour for most assignments.
  • Hotel and Resort Sitters start at $15 per hour, plus parking fees.
  • Caregivers who provide transportation services typically charge $15-$20 per hour.
  • Overnight Nannies for Newborns charge $18-$22+ per hour.
  • Overnight care for seniors and older children can be arranged at $12-$15 per hour. Please call for more details.
  • Newborn Care Specialists and Postpartum Doulas charge $18-$30+ per hour.
  • Live-in Newborn Caregivers charge $275-$575 per day. Caregivers must be given at least 6-7 consecutive hours for sleep
  • Caregivers are paid time and a half for all holiday assignments.

Families who wish to have caregiver compensated by TLC  directly can make arrangements with the TLC office. ( See option 3 below.)

Agency Fees (short term)


For a low annual membership fee of $100.00 per year (less than $8.50 per month), your family will gain access to our pool of pre-screened, experienced nannies as often as needed throughout the year at a discounted rate. You will also receive priority status for bookings. We will identify a team of great caregivers in your area so you will always have access to care when you need it. Clients are required to have a valid credit card on file with TLC at all times to maintain an active membership status.

  • $100 membership fee ($55 for returning members/annual renewals).
  • $20 agency set-up fee per assignment.
  • $30 agency set-up fee per assignment for sick care, overnight, newborn care and same day assignments.
  • $10 service fee added to agency set-up fee for last minute care requests (less than 24-hours notice) and holidays.
  • 4-hour minimum per temporary assignment.
  • 8-hour minimum for overnight assignments.

Option 2: PAY AS YOU GO

If you are a grandmother looking for sitters for visiting grandchildren, a visitor in our city, or you really just anticipate needing help a few times (or less) per year, our pay as you go option is right for you.

  • $40  agency set-up fee per assignment (billed to client’s credit card upon confirmation).
  • $10 agency set-up fee added for holidays.
  • 4-hour minimum per daytime assignment.
  • 7-hour minimum for overnight assignments.


If you prefer to let us handle all the payment for you, TLC has a plan for you!

  • $25 per hour for 1 child.
  • $1 per each additional child per hour.

Cancellation Policy

•  The client's credit card will be charged the agency set-up fee following a confirmation call/email to the client for the visit. This fee covers the agency's work in setting up the visit. It is not refundable.

• 24 hours notice is required for caregiver cancellation or you will be responsible for paying the caregiver fee (4-hour minimum). Clients using option 3, will be charged the caregiver fee (4-hour minimum).


Permanent Placements

This service is for families who wish to hire nannies and senior helpers on a full-time or part-time basis for a minimum of one year or longer, at least 20 hours per week (15 hours per week for After-school positions). TLC will recruit, interview, and screen candidates based on the requirements determined by the family. TLC will identify the best possible fit for client interviews. There is a $250 application fee to begin the search. Placement fees are based on a percentage of annual salary and payable at the time of placement.


Average salaries range between $600 and $1200 per week for full-time (35 plus hours per week) and $14-$25 per hour for part-time. Caregiver background, experience, duties, requirements, and location determine salary and hourly rates. TLC will be able to offer you a suggested range based on your job description.


 Long term employees are typically offered two weeks paid vacation, a fixed number of paid days for sick and personal time, and pay for six major holidays. Long term is a 52 week per year commitment.

Agency Fees (long-term) 

Choose from the following levels of service:

* Summer Nanny Placements $250 application fee, $550 placement fee, 2 week guarantee replacement period.

Nanny Placement Services