TLC offers a variety of domestic services, helping you to make your house a home, and offering a helping hand when needed.

Domestic Services

Your home is your sanctuary where you build treasured memories and securely display your family treasures. Our professional staff works diligently to find qualified and professionally screened domestic help to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.



Our thorough TLC screening process matches your specific needs with an experienced, full-time, part-time or professional housekeeper.



Whatever your culinary preference, our private home chefs can develop menus, shop and create freshly prepared meals for your family and guests.

TLC Domestic
Placement Service

Find a regularly scheduled housekeeper or chef for at least 20 hours per week with a 4-hour daily minimum requirement.


HireHouseholdHelp, TLC Family Care

TLC on-call staff can assist with parties, as well as help keep your pets and your home safe!


Party helpers

Using our experienced as-needed party helpers allows you to relax and enjoy spending more time with guests at your next dinner party or special event.


House sitters

A TLC house sitter provides daily care for your home while you are away — making sure your home looks “lived in” so you can travel with peace of mind.


Pet sitters

Our pet lovers are available to keep your animals safe and secure, by visiting up to three times per day, or even live in your home while you are away.

Party helpers in St Louis, Miami, and Atlanta

What can I expect to pay for
these types of services?

Rates for these services vary greatly, dependent upon the hours needed, size of your home, qualification and specialties.

  • Housekeepers make between $15-$25 per hour
  • Chefs make from $15-$50 per hour
  • Party Helpers make from $15-$30 per hour
  • House and pet sitting is a daily rate negotiated between
    $20-$40 per day

Please contact one of our TLC Domestic Placement Representatives for more details. Please keep in mind, although we are happy to fill last-minute needs, the more advance notice you can give us, the better match we can make!

Tell us how we can help with your party or pet/house sitting.

  • Please tell us as much as you can about your requirements for this service. Be sure to include details about dates, times, and other specific information.