Benefits Available to TLC Caregivers:


Health Savings

TLC is excited to be partnering with Freshbenies in 2023 to offer active caregivers membership in a program that cuts healthcare costs with services like Telehealth, Advocacy, and Savings Networks.

All active caregivers who work at least 50 hours each month will be eligible to enroll, and the program applies to immediate family members as well!  Here are some of the benefits:

  • Teleheath - Reach out 24/7 for $0 visit fee with a U.S. Primary care doctor and get a prescription written, if medically necessary.
  • Advocacy PLUS - Get comprehensive support through the healthcare journey with a health advocate who will help you find doctors, compare costs, negotiate bills, and more.
  • Savings - Save on prescriptions, dental care, vision care and more!

Take a look at the videos below for more information:

Advantage Total Package with Dental and Vision Savings (ADVANTAGEDV)

Dental and Vision Savings:


Paid Time Off

We are excited to offer PTO to all our payroll employees! Paid Time Off (PTO) provides you with flexible paid time off from work that can be used for such needs as vacation, personal time, illness, appointments, volunteerism, and other activities of your choice.

Here’s how you earn PTO:

  • You will begin accruing PTO on your first day of payroll work after 9/1/22.
  • You will earn 1 hour of PTO for every 30 hours of work (payroll jobs only).
  • You can accrue up to a maximum of 80 hours in one year.
  • Any unused time will roll over year to year until you reach your ultimate maximum of 160 hours.
  • If you hit your maximum, you will have to use some PTO in order to keep accruing.
  • You may begin requesting PTO after 60 days.

How do I check my PTO balance?

  • Log into your MyFrankCrum account
  • Look for the Time Off section on the menu
  • Click on "Balance Overview"
  • You will see your current balance of PTO.
  • You can also find your PTO balance on your paystub each week.

How do I use my PTO?

  • Log into your MyFrankCrum account
  • Look for the "Time Off" section on the menu
  • Click on "Submit Time Off Request"
  • On the top drop-down, pick if you are using the PTO for Vacation, Personal, or Sick time.
  • Enter the dates and times of your PTO, and the total number of hours.
  • Add an optional note, and click Save and Add.
  • Your PTO Request will be automatically sent to TLC's HR department for approval.
  • Make sure you have marked N/A on your availability for the days you are using PTO
  • If you are using your PTO for a sick day, you muststill call the office as soon as you know you will not be able to work your scheduled hours. The staffing team does not see the PTO request, and will not know to restaff your job if you do not call in asap. Failure to call in when you are sick will result in a no-call-no-show on your personnel file.