Welcome and thank you for your interest in working with TLC.

Orientation is an extremely important part of your onboarding.  The orientation meeting will be an approximately 1-hour review of the key guidelines, policies, and performance measures that will be essential to your succeeding as a TLC caregiver and with the families that are our clients.


Please be prepared to be attentive and make notes during the entire meeting.  Your TLC representative will go through the orientation packet with you to make sure you understand and can comply with all of the essential aspects that make a great TLC Caregiver.


You may download the orientation here -->  Temp Orientation Deck v01.27.22-PDF-SM in advance of the meeting so you will not be seeing it for the first time when you join the meeting.


Please use the calendar below to select a meeting to participate in.  You will receive an emailed confirmation.  IF for any reason you cannot make your scheduled meeting, please be sure to cancel your appointment and rebook a new one.