Sara I.

Sara is a college graduate with a degree in child development and has her pharmacy tech certification. She has over 20 years of experience working with newborn to school-aged children as a babysitter and paraprofessional in all grades. Her references say she is professional, respectful, and engaging. One of the families she babysits for said, “Sara has been watching our kids for 5-6 years. We have twins which can be challenging from time to time and Sara just handles it without any issue. She can entertain kids in a hotel room for hours. She is just incredible. I think so highly of Sara I would do anything for her. Sara is excellent, reliable, and dependable. My son has a nut allergy and she is very careful and cautious – always thinking of their safety. I would describe her as intelligent and knowledgeable. She is just a remarkable person. Sara just goes with the flow no matter what our day was like. She made it work. My kids really love her and I just cannot say enough about her.”