Lakeisha D.

Lakeisha has over 10 years experience as a caregiver to newborns – seniors. She has earned her experience as a babysitter, working in daycares and group homes. Her references say she is very helpful, reliable and comforting. One of the families she babysat for said, “ I’d hire her again in a heart beat if she moved back! My girls  miss her so much, we always FaceTime each other. I’d check on the kids when I had a chance and before entering the room, I always heard laughter. Her giggle was contagious. Lakeisha’s patience is what my oldest daughter needed. My daughter is more on the OCD side and has some sensory overstimulation. Lakeisha was very comforting and stable with her, she would just hold her to settle her down if she was having a meltdown. I also had to adjust my schedule and needed her to come early several times and she never complained once with the change or getting up earlier.