Jennieke A.

Jennieke (pronounced Yanika) is a certified yoga teacher that has been teaching in daycare centers, public schools, and assisted living facilities for over 15 years. She has dedicated her life to caring for others, first as a stay-at-home mother, then as a yoga instructor, and an as-needed babysitter. Originally from the Netherlands, she is fluent in Dutch, German and knows some Italian. Jennie’s references find her to be caring, welcoming, and honest. One family she babysat for said, “Jennieke babysat my daughter for 13 years, starting when she was 2 years old in 1999. She is terrific, just the best. Jennike is extremely gentle, patient, and reliable. She is everything you want in a caregiver! Jernieke would get on the floor with my daughter where they would act out stories and she really interacted with her. I highly recommend her!”