Melissa W.

I was amazed at how quickly TLC worked for us. Our son was sent home from daycare with hand, foot, and mouth disease and we had to find care for the whole week. TLC had somebody at our house within an hour. Dascha T. was amazing and really cared for and did many variety of activities with our son. We only had Kandance P. for one day but she was also awesome with our son.

Gail B.

An amazing service! Easy to work with, booking is simple and straightforward, and the newborn care specialist we used was incredible. We used the overnight service, and we were matched up with a wonderful, caring, knowledgeable nanny who was so gifted at soothing and caring for our baby. Cannot recommend enough!

Juliana W.

Juliana is the consummate professional and warm spirit.  Not only is she learned but also a naturally caring person. She is punctual, attentive to all needs and details, a great conversationalist and definitely the answer to our prayer for support.  My hope is that she will be able to continue working with us as we attempt to provide care for our Mother.  Thank you for the perfect match.”

Denise A.

Everything was perfect! The office staff responded very quickly, and then Denise A. contacted us promptly as well. She was a wonderful sitter, and I was never worried about our son while we were away. Thank you for your help.

Krista A.

My experience with TLC was excellent in all aspects. Thank you for the great service. Krista A. was great with the children. I am a grandmother and will recommend your organization to my friends.

Elizabeth S.

Elizabeth S. was amazing. She exceeded our expectations in every way. Great with communication every step of the way. We will use your company again because of her.

Elizabeth C.

This was a first time experience. Elizabeth C.  totally removed any stress I would have had during my work day, just knowing she was available to care for the children.

Brooke T.

Everything was absolutely perfect with our experience- the office got me set up really quickly with back-up care, and Brooke T. was just fabulous. The kids had so much fun, and I so appreciate the help! Thank you again!

Tracy G.

Tracy G. far exceeded my expectations (although it was not for child care.)  She was on time, pleasant, efficient, and willing to do whatever was necessary.  We were hosting a post-funeral reception for a beloved family member, and it was a very sad and stressful time for us.  Tracy took the burden of the reception off me.  She looked professional and was very polite and helpful to everyone.  She cleaned up beautifully and wrapped the leftover food for us.  She is truly a credit to your organization.

TLC for 12 Years

We have used TLC for 12 years and have loved every sitter they have sent. We have used several of their sitters for many years including one who has covered date nights and weekend overnights for 11 years. Highly recommend.