Heidi W.

Heidi is a retired teacher and experienced caregiver who has worked with children ranging in age from infants to preteens. She has worked in an elementary school, done babysitting, volunteered at a children’s hospital, and worked in a camp setting. Heidi enjoys having fun with children and how their faces light up when exposed to new experiences. Her references describe her as creative and very punctual. One of her references said “Heidi was our nanny for 2 years. She was fantastic, really just perfect for our family. She continues to babysit for my family and has become a good friend. She is the type of person who goes above and beyond. she’d go to doctor’s appointments with me and the twins when my husband couldn’t be there and invited them over now, at age 4 to play. When she was our nanny, she was very attentive. She is fun and creative. She took all of my kids on field trips; to the zoo, science center, swimming, and to the history museum. She really fit our family vibe.”

Lynette H.

Lynette is an experienced caregiver who has worked with children of all ages for over 10 years. She has worked in a preschool, in a daycare setting, as a full-time nanny, and done babysitting. Lynette enjoys doing arts and crafts with kids. Her references describe her as easy to work with, reliable, and punctual One of them said, “Lynette was a phenomenal nanny. She worked for us for 5 years. In the beginning, she was a nanny for our baby and his two cousins. She ended up coming to work for us and we had another baby. She stayed until our kids were 3 and 6 and we no longer needed a full-time nanny. Lynette was really great at teaching our kids the things they needed to learn outside of school, such as walking, talking, and interacting with other kids. When our kids went to school, they were far and above the rest of the kids because of Lynette. She kept the kids out, being social so there was never any idle time. She was responsible for our children’s sleeping pattern, their eating habits, and their social skills and she did a great job. She always followed instructions, and if we had any constructive feedback, she accepted it and did a better job. We couldn’t have found a better nanny or a better fit for our family.”

Jenna A.

Jenna has over 5 years of experience as a caregiver with dreams of becoming a teacher. She has worked with newborns to school-aged children as a babysitter, nanny, and in a daycare. Her references say she is reliable, trustworthy, and engaging. One of the families she cared for said, “Jenna has a very mothering quality with her. My children loved her and I highly recommend her.”

Abby B.

Abby is college student and an experienced caregiver who has been working with children of all ages over the last 6 years. She has done babysitting and worked in her church’s children ministry. Abby enjoys caring for and playing with children while keeping her focus on providing a safe, fun, and enriching environment. Her references describe her as fun and outgoing. One of them said, “Abby is amazing. She was always patient with my 2 kids and willing to play games or dolls with them. We all loved having her around. She follows instructions well and is open to feed back. Abby keep the kids on a good schedule and cleans up what they get out. She is lovable and caring. We never have to worry when she is with our kids.”

Victoria J.

Victoria is a college student who has been with TLC since mid-2019. She is an experienced caregiver who has been working with children of all ages for about 4 years. She has done babysitting and volunteer tutoring in a middle school setting. Victoria enjoys using household items to creative sensory experiences. Her references describe her as outgoing and friendly. One of them said, “Victoria was our baby sitter for about 2 years for our 1,3,5 year old. Her basic duties were to feed and care for them while I was away. My children loved her. She was wonderful about playing and entertaining them. I would describe her as dependable, on
time, and respectful. She was always very fun and bubbly – just a great personality. Victoria adapted very well to my requests. If I wanted things to be done a certain way she would be sure to implement it into her routine. She was awesome.”

Michelle D.

Michelle is an energetic, responsible and enthusiastic professional with over 16 years experience in nurturing children. She is currently an administrator for a small independent elementary school and formerly owned and operated a daycare center for children ages 2-5. Michelle is the proud mother of two children who are both away at college.