Teresa F.

Teresa is a college graduate with a degree in Early Child Education. She has over 40 years of experience with children as an elementary teacher, preschool teacher, nanny, and on-call babysitter. Teresa also has 20 years of experience caring for a family member with Alzheimer’s. Teresa’s references say she is positive, responsible, and very patient. A family Teresa babysat for said, “I’m so comfortable leaving my children with her. I have never doubted their care when they are with her. Teresa creates a stress-free environment and is so good with my kids. Teresa is loving, caring, joyful, always smiling, easy to talk to and just fun to be around. She is always on time, if not early, flexible when I need to make changes last minute. She is very professional. I wish I could have her every day! I recommend her a thousand times.”

Dennise M.

Dennise was a teacher for 7 years in Ecuador and Madrid, Spain. Since moving to the USA she has nannied for multiple families, worked in pre-schools, and taught English. Her references all agree she is respectful, loyal, and reliable. One of the families she nannies for said, “Dennise nannies and babysits for us. My son is 2.5. She is wonderful and very sweet. Dennise is very trustworthy, engaging, and has never been even 1 minute late.”

Jannell W.

Jannell has an associates degree in child development. She has been working with children for 10 years. She has experience with newborns to school-aged children. Jannell has teaching experience in a daycare, she has babysitting experience and she has worked as volunteer in a church nursery. Jannell’s references say she is upbeat, dependable, honest, loyal, and hardworking. One babysitting reference said, “Jannell is very interactive with the children and is always doing crafts with them during playtime. I would describe her as easygoing, a great communicator, trustworthy, and a person with a sense of humor. We love her; my kids love her. She is a wonderful caregiver.”

Abby B.

Abby is a college student studying elementary education. She has over 6 years of experience as a caregiver for newborns to school-aged children as a babysitter, in daycare, and in the church nursery. Her references say she is positive, creative, and gives children great attention. One of the families she cared for said, “Abby played games with my boys or what they were into at the moment. She would do anything to keep them entertained. She is interactive with them and they adore her. Abby was always on time and could help me out last minute.”

Ranata F.

Ranata has a degree in early childhood education. She has over 20 years experience as caregiver, working as a pre-school teacher, babysitting, teaching art and sewing to elementary schools and in -home care for seniors. Her references say she is calm, trustworthy and professional. Ranata’s director said, “She was a certified Montessori teacher at my school from 2005-2015. . I would rehire her in a minute. She very outgoing. I love her to death, great worker, great teacher and great with kids. Reliable, punctual, rarely ever called in sick in 10 years. I would recommend her 100%!