Terri C.

Terri had 26 plus years working for a Commercial Airline as a Flight Attendant working with all ranges of ages, races and people with disabilities. Terri served as a primary liaison between the Captain and all crew members, providing leadership and direction and sometimes worked in extreme and difficult situations acting calmly and professionally. Terri raised one daughter and has two grandchildren that she cares for as needed. She currently babysits for friends and has experience volunteering with school-age children at an adventure camp. Terri has provided elder care to her mother and her mother-in-law who recently passed from Alzheimer’s. Terri still has a lot of love to give and knows that the most important job in the world is caring for a child or an older person always making sure they are happy, comfortable and safe! Terri’s references say she is punctual and a good communicator. One reference said, “She is excellent! Reliable, always willing to help, willing to take on challenges, and very friendly. I ran a kids adventure group and she supervised kids 7-13 years. She helped me run group activities, etc. She was really an asset. She is so caring and capable.”