Sarahbella is a college graduate and an experienced caregiver who has been working with infants, including twins and preemies, on up to preteens for 4 years. She has done babysitting, nannying, worked in children’s theater and as a camp counselor. Sarhabella enjoys staying active with kids and engaging in pretend play with kids. Her references describe her as mature and dedicated. One of them said, “Sarahbella was a part time nanny for my twin girls when they were 6 months old until the girls were 2 years old. Sarahbella is amazing. We had a really good experience with her. I was an older mom and did not have my kids until I was in my late 40’s. I was super protective of my girls and I always felt that my kids were safe with Sarahbella. She took extreme precautions with the kids and was always very careful and had their safety top of mind. I would often work from home while Sarahbella was there. I was able to observe her alot and I was always very impressed with her and how she handled the stress of working with infant/toddler twins. We did not allow tv or screen time so she always had a plan in place and did tons of activities and reading with the girls. She was very reliable and never missed a day. I would absolutely recommend Sarahbella as a sitter. We love her and she was great for us.