Julie K.

Julie has been working as a caregiver in some capacity her whole life! She has worked as a nanny, in a pre-school, as a director in a daycare, and has provided elder companion care. Julie has completed a variety of courses over the years for her career and has a degree in American Intercultural Studies. Julie’s references find her to be professional, outgoing, calm, positive and reliable. One reference said, “Julie and I worked together at the daycare provided for teen moms. Julie worked with six infants. In addition to caring for the infants, she also helped the young moms by teaching them about their child’s development. Julie would also volunteer her personal time to help out. Julie was great with the moms and the kids. She is a natural working with others. Julie is warm, welcoming, and nurturing. She made you feel like family. She knows how to comfort; it’s her natural ability.”

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