Heidi W.

Heidi is a retired teacher and experienced caregiver who has worked with children ranging in age from infants to preteens. She has worked in an elementary school, done babysitting, volunteered at a children’s hospital, and worked in a camp setting. Heidi enjoys having fun with children and how their faces light up when exposed to new experiences. Her references describe her as creative and very punctual. One of her references said “Heidi was our nanny for 2 years. She was fantastic, really just perfect for our family. She continues to babysit for my family and has become a good friend. She is the type of person who goes above and beyond. she’d go to doctor’s appointments with me and the twins when my husband couldn’t be there and invited them over now, at age 4 to play. When she was our nanny, she was very attentive. She is fun and creative. She took all of my kids on field trips; to the zoo, science center, swimming, and to the history museum. She really fit our family vibe.”