Emily is a college student and an experienced caregiver who has been working with children ranging from toddlers to teens for 7 years. She has done babysitting, worked in daycare and as a camp counselor. Emily enjoys doing projects and playing games with kids. Her references describe her as mature and engaging. One of them said, “I was Emily’s teacher in school and then she came back after graduating to help with our after school program. I loved that Emily wanted to come back and help her alma mater while in high school. She was great with the kids! She helped engage the young ones with games and toys. She also helped the older ones with their homework and any issues they had. I was impressed by Emily as I thought how she interacted with the kids was refreshing. I was also impressed with her work ethic. She would always clean up at the end of the day, help make the food and drink for the next day, and stay late if needed. She never called out sick and was not late. I would recommend her for a childcare position and think that any well mannered family would enjoy working with her.”