TLC for Kids Opens to Serve Miami Hotels


 Maria Goggio, TLC Personnel Director, Jessica Friedman TLC Placement Director join Angela Lehman, TLC Vice President, and Owners Sharon and Stephanie Graff at the TLC Miami office on Collins Drive.

The staff was in Miami to get a close up view of Miami and Fort Lauderdale hotels. TLC for Kids has been servicing St. Louis’ finest hotels since 1985 and look forward to providing the same high quality nanny and babysitting services for Miami and Fort Lauderdale hotels.

TLC’s in-room hotel sitters provide families with safe, convenient, as needed child care. TLC South Florida sitters are professionally screened, warm and nurturing, and mature caregivers.  They are selected especially for their experience, reliability, and commitment to quality child care. TLC nannies are easily recognizable in their uniforms and bring age appropriate activities for your children.

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Hotel Babysitters

Summer vacations are a lot of fun for everyone.  Kids love traveling to new places and seeing all the cool things a different city can offer.  If your kids are like my kids, one of the most fun things about a vacation is the hotel.  I don’t know why, but most kids the idea of staying in a hotel for a few days.

Parents, however, can find the hotel room a little cramped.  After a long day and nights of sight seeing parents can use a little recharge time.

TLC For Kids can help!  We offer hotel babysitting in St. Louis, Mo.  Our Miami office offers hotel babysitting in Fort Lauderdale and Miami!  Our hotel sitters are fun, reliable and screened.  They will come to the hotel with games and activities for the kids to do while you enjoy an evening out.

Visit our website to complete the hotel registration form.  TLC recommends booking your sitter prior to your arrival but last minute requests are welcome.