Celebrate Father’s Day

This Sunday is Father’s Day and TLC Family Care knows we work with some of best dads. Our caregivers and staff know the dads we work with are hardworking, caring, and supportive. Because of this, we want to help our TLC families say ‘thank you’ to their dads this

Father and son

Father’s Day.

1.      Make something for Dad.

Homemade gifts are always a good gift for Dad (especially when you have young children) because they show you are thoughtful, creative, and give Dad something he can cherish forever. Popular homemade gifts for Father’s Day are items like custom coffee mugs, framed poems, hand-painted pictures, etc. Visit our Father’s Day Pinterest Board for cute gift ideas and how-to’s.

2.      Learn a skill from Dad.

Dads like to know their families value their abilities (and occasionally, dads like to show off their strengths)! Father’s Day is the perfect day to ask your dad to teach you how to do something that he does well. For example, if your dad is good at grilling, ask him to show you his tricks. Or if he’s a skilled carpenter, spend the day building a birdhouse together. It’s American tradition for dads to pass on traits to their offspring, and Father’s Day gives us the opportunity to carry out and uphold this age-old tradition.

3.      Take Dad to his favorite activity – COVID-19 Friendly, of course.

Like we said earlier, we know the dads who are a part of TLC are hardworking individuals. When people, like our hardworking dads, have demanding schedules, they rarely make times for themselves to do the things they enjoy. Father’s Day is the perfect time to let  Dad know he deserves a break by taking him to do his favorite activity. His favorite activity could be anything from going for a stroll in Forest Park, hitting the links on the golf course, watching his favorite sports team, or enjoying a delicious meal at his favorite restaurant. Whatever your dad likes to do, Father’s Day is the time to tell him how much he deserves a break.


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Nanny Q and A with TLC Featured Nanny


Another month for our “Three minute Q and A with TLC nannies.” Each month we are bringing  you some great Q and A with our nannies so they can share some info and insight about the nanny profession and educate others on some of the fun aspects of the job.  This month we interviewed Kayce.

1)      Why did you decide to become a nanny?

I decided to nanny when I was in college working on my undergraduate degree. I decided on nannying because I love children and couldn’t imagine not working with children while I was in school.

2)      What’s your favorite thing about being nanny?

My favorite part about being a nanny is the fact that I still get to help children learn while having fun. The learning is not always academic.  Sometimes it’s as simple as helping a little one figure out how to stack blocks without them falling over.

 3)      What fun activity are you looking forward to doing with your charge(s) this week?

Since it has been raining  we were staying inside. We went to sky zone to bounce and have fun while it is rainy and nasty out. Most weeks we love hanging out at the pool and we are excited for our six flags trip at the end of the month.

4)      Where do you get your ideas for creative activities?  What’s your favorite craft?

Lost of ideas come from Pinterest but mostly we love just hanging out. Coloring is always a fun activity.  The girls are working right now on painting a custom made doll house the way they want it.

5)      Do you follow any blogs, websites to share with other nannies?

Nothing on a regular basis. I check out stuff through Pinterest and Facebook mostly. And during group jobs I get lots of ideas from other TlC nannies.

Summertime Activities

It is finally summertime!  TLC for Kids nannies and sitters can spend their days playing outside and soaking in the sun!  I have seen so many great outdoor ideas for things to do this summer on Pinterest.  Now would also be a great time to update your TLC goody bag with things to do outside like bubbles, chalk, or a kite. Just a few reminders when spending time outside this summer.

  • Remember to use sunscreen.  Ask mom or dad where it’s kept and how they would like it used.  Also, keep little ones in the shade or under an umbrella.
  • TLC babysitters are not allowed to go swimming.  This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy other water play ideas. With the parent’s permission you can play with the sprinkler, water balloons or water guns!
  • Don’t lock yourself out of the house.
  • Stay hydrated.  Make sure everyone is drinking plenty of water while playing outside.


Remember TLC for Kids sitters in South Florida and St. Louis are experienced and screened and ready to come play with your kids this summer!

Fun Fall Crafts

Fall is the perfect time for crafts. The leaves are changing colors, it’s football season, Halloween is approaching, and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. These months present lots of opportunities to do seasonal activities.

Here are a few ideas for fall crafts:

1. Lace up a Leaf, Football, or Apple. Before you go to a job, you can create templates from construction paper of either a leaf, football, or an apple (or anything other shape you think would be fun for your kids). With a hole puncher punch holes around the perimeter of your shape, each one centimeter apart. Then, bring a long string. Your kids will be able to pick their shape and then lace their string through the holes This helps with hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

2. Hand Paint a Tree.  Bring washable paint, paper plates, and construction paper to your TLC job. Once you find a safe area to paint, pour your different paint colors onto the paper plates. Then, have your kids dip their forearm and hand into one of the paint colors. They will then place their arm onto a piece of construction paper. This is how they will create the tree trunk and branches. To create the leaves, the kids will use their fingerprints to dip in the paint and place along the branches of their tree.


3. Do a Leaf Rubbing. As the trees shed their leaves, we can do lots of activities with the leaves on the ground. The next time you are sitting for a family, the kids and you can take a walk outside to collect different shapes and styles of leaves. Once you come back in, you can do an activity by placing the leaves underneath a white piece of paper and coloring over it. The bumps and ridges on the leaves will create different colors. This is a good sensory activity to talk to the kids about the different way things look and feel.





Childcare Jobs Available Now!

Being a nanny is a rewarding and fulfilling job.


Being a nanny means you are responsible for the complete care of your employer’s children.  A job description for a nanny can vary from family to family.  But, every family wants you to play and have fun with the kids!  Nannies get to color, take nature walks, sing songs, put together puzzles, read books, and shoot hoops all day long!


Along with playing duties include tending to each child’s basic physical needs, meal planning and preparation and  laundry and clothing care.  Nannies also organize play activities and outings (providing transportation when required).   With the parents’ insights a nanny enforces behavioral guidelines and disciplining when appropriate.  Like educators, nannies provide intellectual stimulation and language activities.

A nanny is a childcare provider who works in the family’s private home. The nanny’s role is to support to the family by serving as a loving, nurturing and trustworthy companion to the children. A nanny offers the family convenient, high quality care to meet each child’s physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs.

The safest way to find a nanny job is through a trusted nanny agency like TLC For Kids.  When interviewing with a family be prepared to answer their questions.  Here is a list of some nanny interview questions you may be asked.    You should also take this opportunity to learn about the family.  Ask questions about the days, hours and salary,  the families child care philosophy, and job description.

TLC For Kids is always looking for great nannies.  We have full time and part positions available.  Click to see a list of some of our current nanny jobs.