Back-Up Childcare Available in St. Louis

The school year has started.  And, when kids go to school they start sharing germs!

Chances are sometime this school year your kids will have sore throats, runny noses, fevers, or the flu and will need to stay home.   It is not easy for working parents to stay home from work when their child is sick.

In fact, A 2012 study by C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital found that 50% of today’s work force is worried about finding sick child care.

TLC for Kids is here to help!  TLC temporary caregivers are available to take care of sick kids who can’t go to school or daycare.   If your school or daycare calls during the day and your child needs to come home let us know.  We can try to send someone over within a few hours.

If you need help after hours our Emergency Service Coordinators Sarah and Debbie are available until 9:45 pm Sunday through Thursday and start working again at 6:30 am Monday through Friday.

All TLC for Kids caregivers have experience working with children and have been screened by our professional staff.  Register with TLC at or call 314-725-5660 for the St. Louis, Mo. office and 305-256-5905 for the Florida office.

TLC for Kids Back-Up Childcare

In 1985, TLC for Kids introduced the concept of in-home, as-needed nanny care to St. Louis families. This means families had the ability to access childcare at any time by just calling the TLC office. Two years ago TLC opened an office in Miami, Florida helping Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach families with as-needed care.

One reason in-home, as-needed care is so important is because sickness is inevitable when your kids are going to school and daycare. Everyone is playing with the same toys, touching the same desks, and swapping different germs.
So, when your child is sick, but you can’t take off work, what do you? The answer is simple: Call TLC for Kids. TLC has nannies that are available specifically for taking care of sick children.
Because we know sickness rarely pops up during convenient times, like our office hours 8-5:30, TLC for Kids has an emergency service line that is open from 6:30-8 AM and evenings from 6:45-9:45 PM. If you call outside of these hours, TLC ‘s own After Hours and Emergency coordinator checks the messages regularly.
Cold and flu season is here, unfortunately. We hope your children don’t get sick this year, but if they do, know thatTLC is ready to help you by providing quality and reliable back up childcare.
Need a back up sitter? Call the TLC office today: (314) 725-5660 or (305) 256-5905.


Tips For Staying Healthy



TLC for Kids was lucky enough to be a part of a live chat with Dr. Matthew Broom, a pediatrician with Cardinal Glennon Hospital, and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

We asked Dr. Broom how our great temporary babysitters can stay healthy this year during cold and flu season.

His first piece of advice was “hand washing and more hand washing.”  Keeping your hands clean helps stop the spread of germs not only to you but to other surfaces in the house.

His second piece of advice was for all of our sitters to get flu shots.  Flu shots are recommended for all caregivers. Flu shots are important because  after the vaccination, your immune system produces antibodies that will protect you from the vaccine viruses

Aisha Sultan, Parenting Editor for the St. Louis Post Dispatach,  shared some of her tips for staying healthy.  She recommends using Zinc and Vitamin C to help prevent illnesses.

Finally both Dr. Bloom and Aisha recommend getting plenty of sleep and to take care of yourself if you aren’t feeling well.

Thanks for the chat!

Sitters, do you have any recommendations for staying healthy this winter?