Find Your Rewarding Job as a Nanny

Helping caregivers find rewarding careers as a nanny is such a fulfilling job. I love being able to match nannies and Saint Louis families looking for childcare. Today I received this email from a nanny.  It brought a smile to my face on this cold morning!

“I am enjoying Rory and his family. He is almost 15 months already and starting to walk!  In a couple weeks, he will probably be running!”

“Also, TLC has always been good to me and I would not go through any other nanny agency. Thanks for always being there to answer questions for me and to help me!”

We have lots of great jobs for nannies.  Check out our job board for all the available positions, and then click to apply for nanny jobs.


Nanny Jobs Available!

Nanny Jobs


TLC for Kids has  part-time and after-school nanny jobs!!  These families are ready to hire and can interview ASAP!

Contact Jennifer at if you think one pf these jobs would be a good fit for you!


Family in Creve Coeur needs after-school nanny Mon-Fri from 3:00-6:00p for 2 active boys.  The best fit will be someone who is kind but firm.   $13-15/hr

Family in University City needs a nanny 3 days/week for 2 year old and new born.   Monday and Thursday are 8-5 and Tuesday is 9-5.  Newborn experience is required.  $15/hr

Ladue family is looking for an after-school nanny for 3 children (6,7,9) Mon-Fri from 3:30-7 or some days as late as 8:00.  Also needs 2 mornings a week (Mon and Wed).  $14/hr

Ballwin family looking for energetic nanny Mon-Fri from 3-6 who will enjoy working and playing with their 2 kids.  $15/hr

Webster family wants to interview someone as soon as possible for their 2 children (ages 12 and 10).  Hours are Mon-Fri from 2:30-5.  Experience with special needs is helpful.  $13-15/hr

Family in Richmond Heights with newborn is looking for a part-time nanny Mon-Fri from 12-4.  Pay commensurate with experience.

Clayton family is looking for a part-time nanny for 2 kids.  Most likely the schedule will be 12-5 four days a week.  The father works from home.  Family is looking for someone to play and interact with the children.  $12-14/hr

Creve Coeur family is looking for a nanny Mon-Fri from 3-6 starting in November to play with their 5 year old daughter.  Child works best with someone who is outgoing, loving, warm, artistic, and into “girly” things.  $13-15/hr

Ladue family needs help with getting 3 active kids to different activities and with homework.  Family will need different hours every week but nanny will be given advance notice and they can be flexible with the schedule.  Position starts in November.   $13-15/hr

Do You Want To Be a Nanny?

Working as a nanny is a fun and rewarding job. In fact, more and more people with experience in childcare are finding that being a nanny is a great career. Nanny jobs allow skilled social workers, teachers, daycare providers and nurses the same thing: the opportunity to help children.

As a nanny you are with children everyday in their home. You are able to provide a loving and stable environment for kids. Childcare experts and parents agree that this type of environment is beneficial for kids. Being a nanny allows you the opportunity to spend time with a child everyday. You watch them grow and develop. You will be there to see a child sit up for the first time, you will be there when they are learning to crawl, then walk and run.

A nanny also has the opportunity to teach kids. You are one of the child’s first teachers. Everyday nannies are singing the ABC song, counting out the number of swings at the playground, and talking about what color the flowers are in the garden. Watching a child learn is very rewarding. Along with teaching, nannies are coloring, cutting, gluing and stamping fun art projects and gifts for mom and dad.

Being a nanny is all about taking care of children while providing support for the family. It is a fun and challenging career for anyone with childcare experience.

If you are interested in becoming a nanny in Missouri of Florida please visit our website today to learn more and fill out an application.

Nanny Jobs!

 Here is the list of the nanny jobs TLC for Kids currently has available.  If you interested in a nanny job in St. Louis please apply on our website.

Full-Time  (requires a one-year commitment)

1)    Downtown Saint Louis family seeking a full-time nanny! Nanny will care for their 10-month-old son. Family wants a nanny that takes their son on fun play dates and helps with errands. Position begins ASAP!  Hours are M-F 8:15a-5:15p.

2)    Eureka family is seeking a full time nanny for their toddler! Nanny will work Monday through Friday, from 9am-6pm. Opportunities for extra hours are available with this job! Job starts in the beginning of Feburary!

3)    Wentzville family seeking a live-in or live out nanny for their 2 school aged children. Nanny will assist with running errands, laundry, taking children to and from school, and other household tasks. Family will provide Nanny her own bathroom and bedroom. Job starts ASAP!

4)    Central West End family seeking a full-time nanny to start early January!  Hours are M-F 8a-6p M-F, toddler is in school a few mornings and nanny will run errands  / do light housekeeping during that time.

5)    Laude family seeking full-time nanny work with their three children starting in early Feb. 2014.  Hours are M-F 8a-6p and older girls are very high energy!  Baby will be home all day and primarily need care.  Family will provide a vehicle if nanny’s car does not fit three carseats.

6)   Clayton family seeking full-time household manager for their three children, ages 4, 9, and 11.  Nanny will assist with household tasks, as well as making sure the school age children are taken to and picked up from school. Job is Monday through Friday, with flexible morning and afternoon shifts.  Will be perfect for a student and will pay full-time for a nanny who has a flex. schedule! Starts ASAP!

7) Clayton family is seeking an energetic nanny to help take care of their one year-old twins!  You will also help assist with running errands and helping with laundry. Hours are Monday, 7:30am-5:00pm, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, 7:30am-7:30pm, and Friday, 7:30am-5:00pm.  Jobs starts ASAP!

8) Kirkwood family needs nanny to help take care of their toddler. They want someone who is fun, engaging, and energetic! Hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30am-6:00pm. This is only a six month contract! Job starts ASAP!

9) Richmond Heights Family is seeking a nanny to help care for their toddler and new baby born in January! Hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30am to 6:30pm. Starts ASAP!

10) NEW! University City family seeking a full-time household manager.  Position involves errand running, light housekeeping and organizational projects.  Kids are picked up at 3p and nanny must be comfortable with homework help (specifically 5th grade math) and be fun and engaging.  Starts ASAP!

11) NEW! Live-in housekeeper (house has a detached one-bedroom apartment) needed in Wildwood ASAP!  Hours are 8a-5p M-F, must have professional housekeeping experience, send a resume to if interested!

Part-Time  (requires a one-year commitment)

1)   Part-time nanny needed for new baby and very active toddler!  Hours are about 20-25/wk

mornings — ex. 9a-1p or 8a-12p, even 10a-2p.  Family is flexible and parents are seeking someone who has a lot of newborn experience!  This position is located in South City and could start as soon as 2/1!  Must be able to make at least a one year commitment.

2)   Brentwood family seeking a part-time nanny to work M/W/TH with an 18 month old who has special needs.  No medical training required, but a very mature and patient person.  Family would prefer someone with special needs experience.  Tentative hours are 12p-6/7p, but somewhat flexible if necessary.

After-school – **2nd Semester Start Date!**

1) Wildwood family is seeking energetic after school nanny to help with their three children, ages 2, 5, and 6!  They need someone to help run errands, help with children’s homework, and prepare meals. Hours are Monday through Friday, 3pm-8pm. Position starts ASAP!

2) South City family needs after school care, Monday through Friday, 4pm-6pm. Nanny will be responsible for picking child up from school and taking him to his activities.  Position starts mid-January!

3) Richmond Heights family is seeking fun, spirited nanny to help out with their three children, ages 10, 12, and 15. Nanny will need to help with homework, making dinner, and taking them to sports practice.  Hours are Monday-Friday, 2:30pm-6:00pm. Position starts January 1st.

4) Olivette family seeks an after-school nanny to start ASAP!  Children are 14 years old and 19 and older child has autism and functions like a young child, approximately at a third grade level.  Both children have after-school activities and oldest needs help with simple homework.  Hours are 2:30p – 6:30p.

5) Clayton family seeks an after-school nanny who can pick up their three children afterschool and bring home and work on homework and activities.  Must be available from 3p-6:00p M-F.  Starts ASAP!

6) Town and Country family seeking an after-school nanny to work with their two three children.  Ages are one year old, 7 year old and 12 years old.  Hours are 4:30p-8:30p M-F and the end time is somewhat flexible.  Each child is at a different school and kids have outside activities to be taken to and from.  Starts ASAP!

7) NEW! St. Charles family seeking an after-school nanny to work M-F 3-5:30p.  Must have childcare experience and a great driving record!

8) NEW! Creve Coeur family seeking an after-school nanny for their two children, ages 13 and 10.  Must be interactive and engaging!  Hours are 3p-6p M-F.  Starts immediately!


If you have a question about any of these positions contact our Placement Counselor, Jessica Friedman, at

Nanny Jobs!

I mentioned in my earlier blog post that July and August are popular months to find nanny jobs.  Jessica and Kimberly  have over 20 families looking for permanent nannies right now.

Have you ever thought about being a permanent nanny for a family?   Being a nanny is a wonderful experience.  As a nanny you get to teach children one-on-one in their  home environment.  Nannies plan field trips, play dates, arts and craft activities, lesson plans, and so much more!

If you love to read books, paint and color, build with blocks or Legos, run trains and car tracks, play princess, play board games, and go to the park being a nanny might be the job for you.

To learn more about working with TLC For Kids watch the video Alexis made!