How to Make Halloween Fun and Safe

Most kids love Halloween.  They look forward to the costumes but most importantly kids love the candy and the treats!

Trick or Treating is fun and should be remembered as a fun activity for kids.  But, there are a few things we as parents and caregivers need to do to keep our kids safe this year.

1. Use the buddy system.  Kids should not be out by themselves trick or treating.  Getting a group together makes the night more fun for everyone.  Just make sure you have a few parents to watch the group.   Older kids who don’t need parent supervision should also go trick or treating with friends.

2. Check to see if your town has an evening curfew.  Make sure everyone in your party is aware of the curfew and knows it’s important to follow the law.

3. Make sure costumes fit properly.  A loose fighting costume or a too big cape can be a safety hazard.  Make sure costumes and shoes fit so that little kids don’t trip while trick or treating.

4.  Instruct the kids not to eat anything until it has been inspected by an adult.

5. Make sure your group is using a flashlight, glow sticks, or reflective tape on their clothes.  You can also add reflective tape to trick or treat bags.  This make it easier for cars to see you while you are out trick or treating.


We hope you have a fun Halloween.  Don’t forgot to send us pictures of your little ghosts and goblins!

Halloween Safety Tips


Halloween is just a few days away!


The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests to keep these safety tips in mind when trick or treating this year.


1. If your costume comes with accessories like a sword, cane or stick make sure it’s not sharp and that your little one knows the proper way to carry it.

2. Try to plan costumes that are bright and reflective so that they can be seen in the dark.

3. Keep the costume off the ground so no one trips on it.


1. Send your children out with a full stomach.  They will be less likely to eat all that sugar if they had a healthy dinner.

2. Make sure all the candy is wrapped and safe to eat.

3. Once home go through all the treats to make sure everything looks safe and is clear of any potential allergens.

On the Trick or Treat Trail

1. Young children should always be accompanied by an adult .

2. If your older children are going out with friends plan the route they can go on and set a time that they need to be back home.

3. Only visit homes with a porch light turned on and never go inside the home.

4.  Walk on well lit streets and use sidewalks whenever possible.  If they street doesn’t have sidewalks walk along the edge of the street.


Have fun trick or treating and don’t forget to share your photos with us!