Part Time Nanny Jobs

Calling all nannies! Looking for part-time work? TLC for Kids is working with a number of families in need of after school childcare. Only looking for 2 or 3 days a week? We have that too! Check out our list below and contact us at or 314-725-5660.

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Family S has three kids and lives in Webster Groves. They need help on Tues/Thurs from 7:30a-8:00p. $12-$14/hr

Family P has 3 active kids and lives in Ladue. Will need after school help three or four days a week. Days and hours will be flexible. $13-$15/hr

Family E lives in Webster Groves and needs care Mon-Fri from 3:30p-5:30. Two Teenagers need transportation to lessons and practices. $15-$16/hr

Family Z lives in Clayton and needs care Mon-Fri 3:00-6:30p. Family has two kids and will pay $15/hr

Family ST lives in Clayton and needs help M/T/W/F from 12:00-5:00p. Care will be for two kids. $12-$15/hr

Family C lives in Ladue and needs a nanny to care for a 1.5 yr old and baby on the way. Care T/Th from 8:00a-7:00p and ideally one weekend night a month. $13/hr

Family B has two kinds and lives in Ballwin. They need T/W/F from 3:00p-6:00p. Could add a 4th day if nanny is interested. $15/hr

Family D lives in Columbia, Il. They have 2 kids and need care M/Th/F from 7:30-5. $13-15/hr

Family PA lives in Wildwood with three girls and needs help Mon-Fri 3:00p-8:00p. Could have nanny come in an hour early every day to do some house organization. $15/hr

Family K has a toddler and a newborn and lives in Richmond Heights. They are looking for someone with newborn experience who can work T – 2:30-6:00 W – 10:30-6:30 Th – 8:00-4:00p. $15/hr

Family R lives in Clayton with two boys. Family needs before and after school care Mon-Fri 7a-9a and 3-6p. $14/hr

Family H has two kids and lives in Chesterfield. They need a mature and organized nanny Mon-Fri 2:00-6:00p. $15/hr

Family Pi has two kids and lives in Kirkwood. They need help Tues/Wed from 3:00-6:00p. $13-$16/hr

Family KR lives in Webster Groves and has two kids. One child does have ADHD and OD. Ideal candidate will have experience with kids who have behavior disorders. Nanny needed Mon-Fri 2:30-5:00p $13-$15/hr

Family G has three kids and lives in Ladue. They need care M/W 3:30-8 T/TH 3:30-7:30 F 3:30-7:00. Will also need two mornings a week. $13/hr

Rewarding Jobs Working with Children

Taking care of children can be a rewarding and fun job. One TLC nanny says she loves her job working as as a nanny because,  “it’s one-on-one and I really enjoy seeing the difference I can make for that one family.  I like  getting to know a family and being able to interact with parents to support and encourage them too.”   TLC for Kids has great full time, part time and after school nanny jobs right now.   Here is a brief description of some of the jobs available right now.   Visit the website or give us a call 314-725-5660 to learn more and apply!



Ladue: Nanny needed Monday through Thursday 6:30-4:30 for a one year old little girl.   Most be comfortable with taking the child to fun places through out St. Louis. $550-$600/wk.

Town and Country: Nanny needed Monday through Friday 7a-4:30pm with two kids.  One in school full time and one at home.  $600/wk

Richmond Heights: Nanny needed Monday through Friday 7:30a-5p.  Family could be flexible on days and times for the care of their infant girl.  $10-$15/hr

Weldon Springs: Household Manager needed Monday through Friday 9a-5pm.  Household manager will help keep house clean and organized with two kids are in school.  Once children are home from school help with homework and transportation.  $13-$15/hr

Richmond Heights: Nanny needed Monday through Friday 8a-4:30p.   Nanny will watch three kids total although two are in school during the day.  $600/wk

University City:  Nanny needed Monday through Friday 8a-5:30p to care for infant boy.  $600/wk

Ladue Nanny: Nanny needed Monday through Thursday 12p-7 and Friday 12p-1o.  Nanny will care for 2 year old twins and a 4 year old.  $550-$600/wk

Creve Coeur Nanny: Monday through Thursday 7:30-5:30, Friday 7:30-4:30.  Care is for infant boy.  $600/wk

Lafeyette Square Nanny: Monday through Friday 8a-6p.  Nanny will care for two children. $650/wk



University City Nanny: Monday through Thursday 3:30-6:30, Friday 2-6:30.  Nanny will pick up kids from school and transport to activities, help with homework and dinner.  $13-$15/hr.

Creve Coeur Nanny: Monday and Thursday 2:30-9:30, Tuesday and Wednesday 2:30-8 and Friday 2:30-5:30.  Nanny needed to take teenage triplets home from school and to after school activities.  $15/hr

Chesterfield Nanny:  Before school (6a-8a)  and after school (3p-5p) care Monday through Friday for two school age girls. $15/hr

Clayton Nanny: Monday through Friday 3p-5p.  Some days kids will be with dad and nanny will do light housekeeping around the house.   Guarantee 10 hrs/wk.  $15/hr



Chesterfield Nanny: Monday-Friday 2-6.  Nanny will start before 5 and 6 year old come home from school to help with light housekeeping or errand running.  Than take care of kids after school.  $15/hr

Central West End Household Manager: Monday through Friday 1:30p-6:30p.  Cleaning and managing a large and busy household of 5.  Some help with transportation of youngest two kids (ages 14 and 11).  $16-$18/hr


Part time nanny jobs

TLC For Kids in St. Louis is recruiting for part time nannies.  We have great families in need of after school nannies.

An after school nanny is a great job for a college student.  The job allows you to go to morning and early afternoon classes AND be back on campus for study groups or club meetings in the evenings.

After school nannies typically work Monday through Friday 2/3pm to 6/7pm.  You may pick the kids up from school or meet them at the bus stop.   Once the kids are home after school nannies help with homework, take the kids to activities, play ball, or supervise a little down time.

After school nanny jobs are a great way to work consistent hours while focusing on your schoolwork.

If you live in St. Louis and are interested in helping a family this school year with their child care needs apply on line at