TLC Nanny of the Year….Meet Janice!

As you may know by now, this year we ran a contest for National Nanny Appreciation Week.  We were humbled by all of the wonderful and heartfelt entries we received from our clients.  It is very clear that TLC nannies are not only top notch caregivers but are truly valued and appreciated by their employers!  As an agency we are lucky to represent such wonderful nannies.  You do a great job every day and it’s appreciated!



Our 2013 Nanny of the year is Janice.  Her family truly loves her and it’s clear that she loves them.  Here is the winning entry:

“We are so lucky to have Janice as a part of our family and our children’s lives.  She has nannied for our 15 month old twins since they were 3 months old and has been such a wonderful caretaker.  I really think she was born to do this job.  She has done many age appropriate, creative and fun things for them and for us.  The twins are so excited to see her when she arrives each morning.  She made them fabric books and even coordinating fabric animals.  She has worked with them with letters, words and numbers in fun games she has invented.  She made them foam shapes that they absolutely love.  It’s apparent that she adores them and that they adore her.  For Mother’s Day, she made me a foam potted flower from each baby using their hand and food prints cut out of colored foam with a handmade card.  She organizes their room, launders all of their clothes and does every dish.  She sends me pictures and videos of them while I’m at work and is always available to stay late or come early in a bind.  She works with them on trying new healthy foods and has really helped them stay on a good schedule.  She is open to suggestions and has many great ideas that she shares with us.  We had them in a 6 week daily swim lessons program, and she often went with us to early morning lessons.  She made sure the bag was packed with clean towels, swim diapers and a change of clothes every day and handled all the wet clothes after the lessons.  She just knows how to make life easier for all of us.  We are Catholic, and so is she.  She got the babies age appropriate books on saints and simple prayers.  She is just so thoughtful and does things for others so often that I think she sometimes forgets about herself.  I know this award would mean so much to her because she really does invest so much of herself into our family and children. ”   Employer, Melissa

Congratulations Janice and thank you for being such a wonderful nanny to those adorable twins, and thank you to everyone everyone who sent an entry.

Have a great weekend everyone! Jessica Friedman

TLC Nanny Appreciation Week: Meet Kaitlyn!

Today we wanted send a shout out to Kaitlyn  – who is a TLC before and after-school nanny! Here is what her employer said about her:

“TLC found our nanny Kaitlyn last year. We previously had a nanny for 10 years so my husband and I knew it would be a tough transition. I called Kaitlyn’s references, and they indicated that she had been working from a young age and had incredible responsibility and maturity for being in her 20’s. Another reference told me they would “hire her in a heartbeat”.
I have 3 children, ages 11, 6, and 5. One of my children has special needs; he is on the autism spectrum. He is a wonderfully loving, beautiful boy-I was particularly worried about this transition given his needs. Kaitlyn has really fit in well with our family and our children.
For my eldest, she gives a responsible “2nd opinion” on stuff; they play monopoly on days off from school.
For my little one, they share a true interest in arts and crafts-they have worked on many projects including jewelry boxes, illustrating books, and painting pictures. Kaitlyn is incredibly creative and this has rubbed off on my little girl.
For my child who is on the autism spectrum, she has been a blessing. Her patience and warmth are incredible. If he is having a hard time, she knows how to engage him and be a source of calm. I truly trust her. You can tell when they see each other that they have a real bond.
I always say “You can’t fool children” and Kaitlyn has created a special place in each of their hearts for her because she relates to each of my children in a unique and special way.”

Thank you Kaitlyn for being a great nanny!


TLC Nanny Appreciation Week: Meet Janet!

Today we want everyone to meet Janet L.  Janet’s employers think she is the best.

Here is what her boss said about her,

“Our nanny is the best because she, my husband and I are all on the same team when it comes to raising Rowan. Rather than an employer/employee relationship, I think we collectively have a partnership – we respect her as the care giver, and she respects us as the parents. While each of us may have our own ideas from time to time, the mutual respect that we share results in less criticism, better consensus and ultimately better overall care for Rowan (which is the common goal we all share).

It also doesn’t hurt that we know she truly loves and adores our daughter, which is also mutual. :)”

Thank you Janet for being a great nanny!




TLC Nanny Appreciation Week: Meet Lauren!

Today’s nanny is Lauren G.   Lauren has her hands full with three young kids.  Thank you Lauren for taking care of these little ones!


Lauren’s employers said,

“I wanted to note how wonderful our nanny – Lauren  – is.  Now that we have 3 little kids under 4 1/2, things have gotten crazy at our house.  All the while, Lauren has remained wonderful!  She now comes at 7:00 am each morning and helps get our oldest off for jr. kindergarten.  And, she then helps with our 2 yr old (who has preschool 2 mornings a week) and our 4 month old baby.  Lauren is extremely reliable and trustworthy.  We’ve had her with us now for 3 years and she has been a tremendous asset.  We think she should win best nanny!”

Thank you Lauren for being a great nanny!

TLC Nanny Appreciation Week: Meet Christina!

Thank you to all the families that participated in the Nanny of The Year contest.   Your heartfelt stories made us smile.

We will be  featuring some of our entries every day this week.  The winning entry will be posted on Friday.

Today we want to thank Christina N. for being a great nanny.  Read how much Christina’s employers appreciate she does:

“Our nanny, Christina N, goes above and beyond everyday. She never misses a birthday, holiday or special occasion. She’s always willing to stay late or come early if needed. She plays games, does activities and does things no other nanny would do. Such as dress up, dance, and sing to make a video, clean up pet messes, try cooking creations and so much more. She is caring, willing to help and simply amazing. Most of all she is like an older sister to us!!!!!!”

Thank you Chrisina for being a great nanny!


National Nanny Appreciation Week

This week is “National Nanny Appreciation Week,” and we want to hear all about your nanny.

There are many different ways to celebrate your nanny next week, but one fun way is to enter her in TLC’s Nanny of the Year contest.  Shoot me an email and tell me why your nanny is the best. Even better, ask your kids! I can’t wait to here from you.

Take a few minutes and submit a short paragraph to  The winning nanny will be awarded a special prize for all her hard work. Each nanny entered will be featured on an up and coming TLC blog and Facebook posts.