Top 5 Nanny Sites You Should Be Following

The nanny world is full of resources and information for nannies, parents and agencies. We’ve pulled together 5 of our favorites that we think you should be checking out for the information they provide.

  1. Nanny Magazine. This is the only publication for nannies featuring advice, industry news, insights and inspiration. They offer free articles and a subscription with subscriber only content.
  2. International Nanny Association. The longest running nanny organization serving the in-home child care industry, INA bring together all aspects of this industry – nannies, newborn care specialists, parents, agencies, training programs and service providers. With Recommended Practices for Nannies to the INA Nanny Credential Exam, the INA has it covered. Check out their resources for Parents and their annual conference, happening May 2023 in Orlando.
  3. Nanny ABCs. Nanny ABCs offers courses for nannies to elevate their career, an in-depth blog, and don’t miss their Nanny ABCs’ Next Step podcast featuring the “leaders of the at home childcare industry is here to provide you with the childcare industry’ best practices, to be clear, concise, and immediately applicable.”
  4. Nanny Care Hub. NCH is the site of industry advocate and veteran nanny Lora Brawley. Check out the blog of General information, Parenting and Nanny Life.
  5. Practically Perfect Podcast. The musings of two veteran nannies, Lora Brawley and Sue Downey, they bring hot topics in the industry straight to listeners everywhere.


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