Nanny Tips

Regarding Nannies has a great website for nannies.  Recently they did an interesting blog post with tips from some of their most successful nannies.  We wanted to share one with you.  Whether you are a nanny looking for a nanny job or you are  a currently employed nanny I think you will enjoy reading this.

Karen Y. shares …


The 5 Best Practices for a nanny I recommend are as follows, with four under the category Document!! One, Document your day!! Most jobs ask the nanny to keep a log book of the day’s activities or milestones. What a great way to showcase the growth and changes of your charge/es while you are their nanny! Parent’s love to see what happened while they were gone during the day. With technology today, you can also take a cell phone picture and down load to a flash drive for a daily record of that job.


Secondly, I suggest documents in your car or nanny car. I have copies of my charges health insurance cards, dental insurance cards and parent information located in the folder with the car registration. If I was knocked unconscious in an accident, the police would be able to contact someone on that list. Thank to Mary Ann X. Meddish, I have tie-on ICE cards that are attached to infant and toddler car seats where that information can also be reached.


Third, I recommend having a document, preferably a contract in place. It protects you and the family when all information pertaining to the job is written down. For busy parents and nannies, having it on paper helps the communication and keeps all parties with in the job description.


Fourth, keep your resume updated at all times! Many nannies I know have recently lost their positions thru no fault of their own. Downsizing, parents deciding to stay home or job relocation for parents mean that keeping your resume updated will only benefit you! Always include copies of trainings, certifications, and conference attendance forms. Parents like to know that you are constantly educated and know your business!


Lastly, Be sure that you land in a job where you are happy and where your communication with your employers is great. Because if the nanny is not happy, it will trickle down in to the family dynamics. Be pro-active in talking about issues or concerns to keep a smile on your face! Why spend your days not doing something you love?


Phone Interview Tips for Nannies

Are you interviewing for nanny positions?  If so, chances are the family may want to  set up a phone interview.  The phone interview helps makes a large group of candidates more manageable.  Typically, phone interviews are held prior to a face-to-face interview and last about 10-15 minutes.

During a phone interview you can expect:

1. General questions like, “What drew you to our position?” or “What do you like about being a nanny?”

2.  The family will probably go through their schedule and job requirements over the phone to make sure they still fit your needs.

3.  Know the family’s salary range and be prepared to tell them what you are looking for in terms of a salary.

4.  Have a list of references and their contact information handy  in case they ask.

5. Make sure you have your calendar with you so you can set up a face-to-face interview if asked.

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