What does it take to be a nanny?

Being a nanny is a very rewarding job. It’s a unique opportunity to be able to watch children grow and learn in their home environment. But, it takes a special person with certain characteristics to be a nanny. If you have the following characteristics and previous childcare experience you might want to consider a career as a nanny.

Personal Characteristics:

  • mature
  • patient
  • warm-hearted yet firm
  • friendly
  • communicative
  • responsible
  • honest and ethical

Professional Characteristics:

  • takes pride in delivering the best possible child care
  • provides safety and security by establishing a routine and consistency
  • knows the proper handling of an infant for feeding, bathing, dressing and holding
  • understands children’s developmental stages and phases
  • encourages individuality and creativity.

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Nanny Appreciation Week


September 20th to the 26th is Nanny Appreciation Week. Don’t forget to take a minute to celebrate your nanny next week.   Here are just a few ways to show your appreciation:


1.  Write up a list with the kids of all the things she does that you are thankful for.

2. Make a home made gift.  You can use ideas from Pinterest.

3. Have the kids surprise your nanny with breakfast when she arrives.  Or, give a live-in nanny breakfast in bed.

4. Sponsor her a membership to the International Nanny Association.

5. Create a family video letting her know how much she was appreciate her.  You can sing a song, read a story or do a family skit.  Share the video on social media!

6. Buy her tickets to see her favorite sports team, concert or musical.

7. Take a picture of her and the kids and give it to her in a nice frame.

8. Treat her to a new purse so she can carry around all the things she needs to take care of the kids.

9. Send her a bouquet, either from a flower company or Edible arrangements.

10. Give her a special bonus or gift card.