Why you Should Use a Nanny Agency

St. Louis NannyNeed childcare?  Have you thought about hiring a full-time or part-time nanny? St. Louis families have been using TLC for Kids to help them find nannies for over thirty years and so should you!

We’ve put together a list of reasons why you should use a nanny agency to conduct your nanny search.

1. A nanny agency only sends you vetted nannies.  The agency does extensive screening and personally interviews the candidates.  This makes the process much safer for your and your family.

2. Using a nanny agency makes the process more personal. A placement counselor  will get to know you and find out what is uniquely important to your family and will send you candidates that fit your pre-determined qualifications.
3. A nanny agency gives you a manageable number of candidates. Fewer is better so that parents are not overwhelmed by a sea of possibilities.

4. Using a nanny agency saves you a lot of time and energy sifting through sometimes hundreds of candidates.

5. When using a nanny agency  you will work with a placement counselor who will step you through the whole process of interviewing and negotiating employment agreements; will provide payroll and tax direction; and will be a helpful resource throughout the period of the nanny’s employment.

6. Families who want the best nannies use agencies because the highest quality nannies work exclusively with nanny agencies. They do not want to call strangers from a blind posting. Agencies offer them a safe, professional representation.

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TLC For Kids, Inc. has been St. Louis’ premier nanny and babysitting agency  for over 30 years.   TLC For Kids’ dedicated staff is ready to assist you in finding nannies, tutors, newborn care specialists, sitters and more.  Reach us at info@tlcforkids.com or 314-725-5660.

TLC for Kids' New Placement Director

Debbie Hipp is the new TLC Nanny Placement Director.  Debbie has been working for the past couple years as TLC’s Placement Counselor, recruiting and screening nannies for nanny jobs. For those of you who do not know, Debbie was TLC’s Placement Director 10 years ago. She left her full-time position with TLC at that time to care for her own growing family. Since then, she has continued her relationship with TLC. Debbie has worn many hats at TLC for Kids. Besides screening nannies, she has managed our social media and blog, staffed on-call babysitters early in the morning and has helped in TLC’s website development. We look forward to her leadership role in the nanny placement department.

As we welcome Debbie into her new position, we also said goodbye to Jessica Friedman, who has been our Placement director for the past 10 years.  Jessica has chosen to take some time away from TLC to be with her growing family. Throughout her time here,  Jessica became an expert with both her clients and her nannies and she will absolutely be missed by them.  Earlier this week, she sent an email about leaving TLC that was met with a huge outpouring of love from both groups.

I want to wish you Good Luck with your new adventure. Thank you for being an awesome Placement Director, sounding board and advisor! 

TLC Nanny

So sad to see you go! We are so grateful for all you did to help place us. We simply adore Mary and couldn’t be happier. Enjoy your time with your family.

TLC Client

I will miss you after all these years, you’ve always helped me with getting excellent Nanny position’s. I also consider you a friend! I wish you luck with your husband’s business, and I know you’ll love staying home with your adorable guy. Warm regards

TLC Nanny

I know today is your last day with us, so I wanted to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed working with you, even though we never got to meet in person! You are so great at your job and you have been such an incredible help to me as I have learned to take on different responsibilities here. You have been so patient with me and helped me with our wonderful and completely rational Miami clients! I hope that we’ll get to meet someday and I wish you all the best!

TLC Office Staff Member

Jessica may have left the TLC office, but she will never leave the TLC family.

The Advantages of Using A Nanny Agency

TLC For Kids has been providing nanny placements for 30 years in St. Louis and a few years ago started a nanny agency in Florida. TLC is often asked how a traditional nanny agency is different than the do-it-yourself options on the web.  Here are some of advantages of using a brick and mortar nanny agency.

A good nanny agency is a time saver for both the nanny and the family.

A good nanny agency has an established reputation based on previous nanny placements, which in turn draws additional nannies and families into its registry, improving the choices for all.

A good nanny agency treats the nanny and family as equals. Both are our clients!

A good nanny agency provides a solid nanny/family contract.

A good nanny agency stands behind its placements with trial periods and impartially counsels both parties in case of on-the-job conflict.

A good nanny agency monitors the success of its nanny placements and may even offer workshops and gatherings that support both nanny and family.

A good nanny agency is known by its customer service, the caliber of the nannies and families it serves, and the frequent long-term success of its placements.


TLC for Kids is one of the first agencies in the country to provide nanny placements.  Our Placement Counselors are experts in their fields and have 10 years experience placing nannies with families.   Visit our website to learn more about TLC for Kids and to start the placement process.




Transitioning from Nanny to Household Manager Tips

As kids get older the needs of the family change.  The family you are working for no longer need you to plan play dates, work on gross motor skills, and work on imaginative play.  Instead you are needed for house organizing, chauffeuring duties, and homework help.  TLC For Kids places nannies in full-time Household Manager positions.

I came across these tips from the Regardingnannies.com blog.


Understand that you won’t be punching a time clock.  While you may be used to starting when the parents leave in the morning and being done when they come home, the role of a Household Manager isn’t so black and white.  An urgent repair may require a vendor call at 7 am, a delivery may have truck trouble or get stuck in traffic, and will now arrive at 8 pm.  It all requires flexibility, lots of patience, and the ability to think quickly, problem solve and multitask.   If you work more than forty hours in the work week you will be compensated for overtime.

Be Organized.  Keeping an accurate and detailed calendar is a must.  I keep a paper calendar for quick reference on my desk, as well as notes on what tasks were completed that day, follow ups to be done and general notes to self.    I also utilize Gmail and their calendar is great as it syncs with my cell phone and I can color code vendors, school, work and personal appointments. The capability to keep notes on the appointment is a plus as well.   Technology is your friend!  Get to know the latest apps available to help with organization, time management, note taking, mileage tracking and more.

Clearly define your work agreement.  We highly recommend a detailed work agreement.  Since you be doing childcare and household managing make sure the contract covers both.  The contract should clearly define all of the responsibilities and include which role plays a priority in special circumstances, such as sick child, vacations, and inclement weather.  Remember to be flexible.  Not every day goes as planned.

If you are interested in learning more about Household Manager positions please contact us.