Happy Birthday America!

Whose Birthday Is It?
Author Unknown

Some birthdays come in winter,
Some birthdays come in spring.
On birthdays there are games to play
And lots of songs to sing.

My favorite birthday is in July,
And it doesn’t belong to me!
It’s the birthday that lights up the sky
For all the world to see!

Rockets glare, trumpets blare,
And bands begin to play.
Happy Birthday America,
It’s Independence Day!

Tips to Balance Work and Family

It is not easy being a mom who has to juggle work and family.

According to AmericanProgress.org, “women now make up half of all workers in the United States, with nearly 4 in 10 homes having a mom that is also a working mother.”

Here are some tips for mom to help balance work and family life.

1. Find quality childcare.

Knowing that your little ones are safe and sound at home with a loving nanny helps going to work so much easier.  TLC For Kids can help you find a loving, reliable and fun nanny to watch your kids while you are gone.

2. Let go of the guilt.

Try to focus on how your job is benefiting the family instead of what you are missing while being at work.

3. Make mornings easier.

Make mornings less stressful by doing as much as you can the night before.  Pack lunches, pick out clothes, and plan what you are going to have for breakfast the night before.

4. Create a family calendar

Create one calendar for everyone to use.  Add school events, sports activities, and work requirements so everything is in one central place.

5. Create Special Family Activities

Remember when you are at home to try to focus on being at home with your family.   Plan fun family activities that the kids will like.