Spring Break in Florida!!!

Are you going to Florida this spring break?  South Florida is a great escape from the cold weather. Florida has so much to offer families this Spring.
First thing on any families spring break list is the beach. One of the best things about visiting Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach are the beautiful beaches!  You and your family can enjoy the warm temperatures on the beach during the day. When evening comes hire a TLC for Kids babysitter to watch the kids so you can enjoy the South Beach night life.

There is more to do in Florida than just the beach. Miami has some fun attractions for families too.  Jungle Island is a popular place for families and features a unique petting zoo. Stop by the Miami Zoo to see the famous Miami Flamingos. Another great destination for the family is the Miami Children’s Museum. This museum is like no other because it features  a two story sand castle!

Spring break in Miami isn’t just for kids. Take the time to enjoy some couple time while on break. TLC babysitters are screened and ready to work in Miami, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and Tampa.

Reserve a TLC  sitter to come to the hotel while you enjoy a date night!


Fourth of July Fireworks

Celebrating the Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. Growing up I enjoyed spending time with my family watching the fireworks.TLC hotel babysitters

As I got older, and had kids of my own, I quickly discovered that not all kids enjoy the fireworks as much as I did. Fireworks can be too loud for some kids. And, being in a large crowd can be too overwhelming for kids who have anxiety. We found it easier to watch the show from a safe distance so that it wasn’t too loud or crowded for my kids.

Another idea is to hire a sitter for the night. The babysitter can stay back and the parents can enjoy the fireworks with siblings or own their own.

If you need a sitter this holiday weekend contact TLC for Kids. We have screened babysitters who can come to the home or to the hotel.

Babysitters for your vacation to Miami

Family vacations to the beach are fun for everyone.   The sun and the sand are a great way for families to relax and unwind.  Florida cities like Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton have great beaches and fun things for the family to do during the day.  But the nightlife in Miami doesn’t include kids.  Miami and Miami Beach have great restaurants and clubs for parents to see while visiting South Florida.   Why not have a date night while on vacation?

TLC for Kids Miami has professional babysitters ready to come to your hotel.   Our hotel babysitters are reliable, mature and experienced.  They arrive at the hotel ready to play with a bag of age appropriate toys for your kids.  Along the coast we service hotels like The Ritz Carlton Fort Lauderdale and The Breakers in Palm Beach.  In Miami our experienced sitters can come to The Fontainebleau and The Trump Doral among other popular Miami hotels.

To book your South Florida hotel babysitter contact us at 305-256-5905 or ask the hotel concierge to contact TLC for Kids.

Tips for a More Enjoyable Vacation!

Are you going on a family vacation this summer?  Vacations are fun and it’s a nice break to get away from the daily grind.   Vacations can also be a time for parents to reconnect.   Planning  and running after kids can be tiring.  Parents should take a day or evening and spend time together without the kids!

Here are some tips for parents who are looking to take a vacation from their kids while on vacation.

1.  Hire a babysitter on your own.

Check with the International Nanny Agency (nanny.org) for a list of babysitting agencies where you will be staying.  Nanny agencies like TLC For Kids can send a vetted sitter to the care for the kids in your hotel room.  Check with the agency about rates, hours, and pre-screening.   TLC For Kids offers hotel babysitters in South Florida and St. Louis, Missouri.

2.  Bring your nanny or babysitter with you.

If you have a nanny or regular babysitter see if she wants to come along!   Negotiate everything ahead of time.  Talk about what is expected as far as hours on duty and hours off duty.  Remember you will be responsible for a salary plus her traveling expenses.  Having another set of hands for the trip whom the kids already know and love maybe worth the extra expense.

3.  Find a hotel that offers sitting services.

Lots of hotels and resorts offer provide  babysitters, day care or  kids’ clubs. Do your research when making arrangements with the hotel.  Ask questions like where do they find their sitters, does the hotel check their references and do a background check, and where will the childcare take place?

Make your plans prior to your arrival so you won’t by trying to make arrangements last minute.

4. Take family-friendly cruise.

Most cruise ships offer child care or supervised activities for children.  For example the  Disney Cruise Line offers lots of options for kids of all ages.  Do your research to make sure there are no age requirements.

Most importantly have fun and take time to relax and reconnect!

TLC for Kids Offers Hotel Babysitting

Since 1985 TLC has been providing nanny and babysitting services for St. Louis hotels.

Now, TLC Miami offers hotel babysitting services.  Our professionally screened, warm, nuturing and mature caregivers are  selected specially for their experience, reliability and commitment to quality child care.



They will come to your hotel and watch the children while you enjoy an evening out.  Our hotel sitters will bring age appropriate toys and games for the children to play.

TLC for Kids services some of Miami’s best hotels like the Canyon Ranch Spa, Fountainebleau, The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne, and The Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove.

If you would like a TLC sitter to come to your Miami hotel you can make reservations on line.  Please try to give as much notice as possible when reserving a TLC hotel sitter.