School years are busy.  Mornings are spent rushing to catch the bus or drive carpool.  Days are spent running errands, taking kids to practices, helping with homework,  and putting the kids to bed so we can do it all again tomorrow. 

I can not wait for summer!  This summer the kids and I are going to relax and unwind with the help of a summer nanny. Having a summer nanny is a great idea for families with school age kids. Summer nannies provide fun, reliable, and consistent in home childcare.  No more rushing around in the morning! Having a nanny come to the house will take away the stress of the morning routine, and maybe, let us all sleep a little later 🙂

The interview is an extremely important step in the hiring process. The interview can be held, at your home, at a coffee shop, the library or park.

When interviewing a nanny, rely on your intuition and observations when evaluating the nanny’s responses, mannerisms and appearance. A parent’s impression of a nanny candidate can be a telling sign if the nanny is a good fit for the family.

During the interview, parents should first inquire about the nanny’s background, experience, training, driving record and other skills related to working with children. Then, by asking open ended questions about the nanny’s interests, after work activities, and child care philosophies, parents can better evaluate how compatible the nanny is with their family.

When describing employment expectations, parents should be specific about job duties, hours, salary, time off and other practicalities of the position. Seeing and hearing the candidate’s reaction can provide valuable clues to how the nanny will feel about the position.

Parents should also observe the nanny with their children before offering the nanny the position. Take note of how the nanny interacts with the children and how the children respond to the nanny.

When deciding which nanny to hire, carefully weigh all the information gathered about each candidate. Check each nanny’s references (even if they come from an agency) and interview the top candidates a second time before offering the position. Parents should listen to their intuition and remember that the nanny will be a part of their family’s life. They should ask themselves, “Does this candidate seem as though she will fit in well with our family and work well with our children?”


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It is not easy being a mom who has to juggle work and family.

According to, “women now make up half of all workers in the United States, with nearly 4 in 10 homes having a mom that is also a working mother.”

Here are some tips for mom to help balance work and family life.

1. Find quality childcare.

Knowing that your little ones are safe and sound at home with a loving nanny helps going to work so much easier.  TLC For Kids can help you find a loving, reliable and fun nanny to watch your kids while you are gone.

2. Let go of the guilt.

Try to focus on how your job is benefiting the family instead of what you are missing while being at work.

3. Make mornings easier.

Make mornings less stressful by doing as much as you can the night before.  Pack lunches, pick out clothes, and plan what you are going to have for breakfast the night before.

4. Create a family calendar

Create one calendar for everyone to use.  Add school events, sports activities, and work requirements so everything is in one central place.

5. Create Special Family Activities

Remember when you are at home to try to focus on being at home with your family.   Plan fun family activities that the kids will like.