Daylight Savings time ends this Sunday, November 2nd.  Most of us will “fall back” our clocks for an extra hour of sleep.  However, for most little kids this means an early rising.  A child that wakes up at 6:30am  will now be waking up at 5:30am.  Not the extra hour we parents need and look forward to!!

Here are a few things you can do to help your little one adjust to the time change.  For more information on kids adjusting to the time change or sleep training your baby visit the Sleeplady blog.

1. Make naps a priority.  One key to a good night’s sleep is a well-rested baby.  Keeping naps on schedule and giving your baby plenty of daylight in between naps will help with the adjustment.

2. Keep your bedtime routine consistent.   Keeping your same bedtime routine will help your little one know it’s time for bed.  Kids thrive on consistency and keeping with the routine is soothing to them.

3. Morning walks.  If possible get outside and go for a walk in the morning.  If it’s too cold to go outside open up the curtains and sit in the sunshine.