Childcare Jobs!

Are you a responsible, caring, and energetic person looking for a job?

The months leading into the fall, and the start of the school year, are TLC for Kids’ busiest season. TLC already has a large group of dedicated caregivers, but we are looking to expand our team.  We are hiring now for the fall!

Through TLC for Kids, there are different types of nanny positions available. There are permanent nannies, full-time nannies, part-time nannies, and temporary nannies.

All of the different positions available come with different perks. Permanent and full-time positions are secure positions that come with benefits and competitive pay. Temporary positions have flexible hours (as a temporary nanny, you get to write your own schedule), and pay $12/hour for a minimum of four hours. For example, if a family only needs a caregiver from 6pm-8pm, they are required to pay their sitter for four hours worth of work.

If you think you are interested in being a TLC for Kids nanny, call the office for more information or apply online today.

Why I love being an after-school nanny

Although summer has just begun, families are already searching for after-school care for their children.

Some may think an after-school nanny position is just picking up the kids from school and taking them home for the evening. Yes, day-to-day tasks are part of the job, but being an after-school nanny is much more fulfilling than being a chauffeur.

As a former after-school nanny, I got to become an integral part of the family’s life. After I picked up the kids from school, we would come home and enjoy an after-school snack. While the kids snacked on fruit and crackers, I would get to hear about the most exciting parts of their day: the new books they read at school, what happened on the playground, and if anyone disrupted class (believe it or not, elementary school kids have a lot of gossip). After snack, we would start doing homework. During homework time, I got to strengthen my bond with the kids. They were looking to me for guidance and trusting that I was leading them in the right direction, and I got to learn what excited them about learning and what they struggled with (If you are going into elementary education, or any other field involving working with kids or teaching, this job is an excellent resume builder). On the days the kids had ballet practice, I would go to practice with them. Like homework time, this strengthened my relationship with my kids because I got to see them doing what they loved. If the kids didn’t have homework or practice, we would come from school and play, read, or make arts and crafts. Other than getting to bring out my inner kid and have fun, being an after-school nanny also included picking up the toys, and occasionally helping prepare dinner. This was the perfect job for me during my beginning days of college—it allowed me to go to my morning classes, and I was off work early enough to finish my homework (and have a social life).

Like I said, this is an especially great job for students, or anyone else who has free time in the afternoon. The hours needed for an after-school nanny are usually 3pm-6pm, or 2pm-6pm. Pay is typically between $12-$15/hour.

If you are an energetic, caring, and responsible individual looking for an after-school nanny position, you can apply today.

By Brooke Angel