Lessons learned from the Sandusky trial.

As you probably know Penn State Football coach Jerry Sandusky was found guilty on 45 counts of child abuse and child neglect.  As parents and nannies we can learn from these horrible incidents.

None of us want to be called a “helicopter parent or caretaker” but at the same time we have the right to know what is going on in our children’s lives when they are not with us.   Start a respectful dialogue with the other parents in your school and community.  Let them know that you want to be informed and involved.  Keep your eyes open.  It’s ok if  you  stop by on occasion to observe and make sure that your child is being treated fairly and with respect.

We also want to let our children know that we want to hear about their lives.  Children do  need to treat adults with respect and follow the rules.  But, they should never be made to do something that they don’t want to do or that makes them feel uncomfortable.  They should not feel threatened, coerced or uneasy in any situation.   Most importantly our kids should know that they can trust us as parents and nannies.  We want them to know that we care about them.  We want to know about their  experiences and their feelings.  Keeping the lines of communication open is key.

So is trust.  Kids and parents need to know that they can trust each other.  But also parents and nannies  need to know that they can trust other parents and community leaders.

Our kids need to be taught the importance of  Stranger Danger.   It’s hard to balance your child’s need to grow independent and need to learn about the safety of the world around them.  Here are 5 great tips from Parents.com on Rules for Stranger Safety.

My heart goes out for ALL victims of child abuse: those who suffer quietly and those who publicly.

Please take a minute and share this post with everyone you know so that we can help stop this horrific crime.

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