What To Do With All These Snow Days



It’s been a cold winter for most of us; a VERY cold and SNOWY winter!  And according to Punxsutawney Phil we will have six more weeks of winter.  Most likely that means more school cancellations.


If your child’s school cancels or calls a late start and you need to get to work call TLC for Kids.  Our back-up childcare service can help!


Are your kids (and you!) going stir crazy with all these cold days?  I know we are at my house 🙂

If there is snow on the ground and it’s too cold to play outside here are some ideas for fun indoor activities:

1. Have a  game day!  Each member of the family can choose a game to play.  Remember it doesn’t have to be games where you sit down.  Play charades, make an obstacle course, or play Twister.  You can still be active when you are stuck inside.

2. Do science experiments.  At my house we brought the snow inside to see how long it takes to melt.  The kids drew pictures of the snow as it was melting.  Will the snow melt faster in a sunny spot?  How much water comes from one full cup of snow?  Your little scientists will enjoy discovering the answers.

For more fun snow day ideas visit the TLC for Kids Pinterst Board!

TLC For Kids Miami Babysitters

Decked out in their pajamas, Bodhi, Kai, Drake and Roman colored with markers and listened to a complete stranger read aloud Pete the Cat while their moms and dads slipped out the front door.

That the young boys didn’t know Melissa Rincon meant little; meeting new sitters is old hat when you’re between the ages of 3 and 6. But tonight, their parents had only met Rincon 15 minutes earlier when she knocked on Jodi Gallant’s door and introduced herself as the babysitter…

In a matter of minutes, Gallant versed Rincon, 24, about acceptable snacks, bedtime tricks and procedures for operating the television remote, while Drake and Roman’s mom checked out her vibe. Feeling assured, the parents were then on their way to the SoHo Beach House.

“Good luck,” Gallant said. Gallant’s husband, Stuart Sheldon, calls the service “convenient” and trustworthy.

“These guys are great. I had no hesitancy at all,” he said of TLC for Kids, the Miami company that employs Rincon. Co-president Sharon Graff-Radell…said sites that register millions of sitters may not catch everyone who has a red flag in their background, or who isn’t qualified to watch kids. “The problem with these online sites is people have a false sense of security,” she said. “They’re Internet companies. They’re not child-care companies. They’re the Amazon.com of child care.”

Graff-Radell said TLC… connects [parents] for a fee with one of its sitters, all of whom have minimum credentials like CPR certification, and have undergone…background checks. Families can also request sitters they’re familiar with.

“I have to take responsibility for everyone I send out, so it’s safer to use a service like mine than really to hire the high school kid two blocks away,” she said.

That commitment, a bio they received about TLC employee Rincon, and a phone conversation the night before was enough to make Jodi Gallant, her husband and their friends visiting with their boys from California feel comfortable. Rincon said she works at a day care at Florida International University, where she’s studying early childhood education.

“She called me and wanted to know what the boys were interested in, and she brought her own coloring books. Most babysitters never do that,” said Gallant as Rincon got to know her kids. “I just instantly felt a good feeling.”

Then Rincon brought out the goody bag and Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes. And with the boys distracted by the story of how Pete stepped in a pile of strawberries, the parents quietly headed to Miami Beach.