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Having Trouble Getting Your Kid To Sleep?

Kids have a thing about going to sleep at night. It does not matter if it is a girl or a boy, they all have this thing: they hate going to sleep. Even babies will fight sleep like it was the devil. They cannot stand the thought of missing out on anything and they simply refuse to fall asleep and that is why you as the parent need to find out all of the top techniques that will help you to get your kids to sleep at night.

Let us focus on babies. They need to be on a strict schedule from the get go if you want to get them sleeping through the night. Kids need structure and balance in order to sleep well each and every night. That is why you should have a time of night that you put your child down. Do not simply wait for the kids to get tired before you put them to bed, have a time and stick to it. This is the best way to get your kids sleeping through the night quickly and easily.

Good nighttime rituals can really help you to get the kids to sleep at night. For example, you may want to give the kids a warm and soothing bath at night before bed. This can go along way towards relaxing them enough that they will go to sleep with ease when put to bed. Kids like rituals and these kinds are great.

It is also a very good idea for you allow the evening to unfold quietly. Playing games with your kids just before bed is probably not the best way to go. Instead of wearing out your kids playing games is only going to get them riled up. This is not going to help you get them to sleep each night. You need to get the kids calm and relaxed and a quiet evening followed by a nice warm bath is great.

If you are trying to get your kids to sleep, especially when they are still babies you need to take into consideration that your baby is not used to real silence. They come from your tummy where things were really loud all of the time. Total silence is scary to many babies. Having a ticking clock or some other steady sound in the room with him or her might be what is missing in their bedtime routine. Try having these kinds of sounds in the room with your kids and watch the difference they can make. In no time your kids may be getting to sleep right away each night.

Also, check the temperature. Is it too hot or cold? As adults we know the impact it has on our sleep and can adjust the thermostat, throw on an extra blanket, but for a child, they may not be able to communicate that.

It is also important for parents to learn about whether their kids are self soothers or not. The techniques that you choose for your kids will be hugely impacted by this fact. Find out what works for your kids by experimenting. Don’t worry if you do not get everything right the first time, in fact, you might as well get used to it because no one is the perfect parent right off the bat.

Nighttime Anxiety

As a mom putting my kids to bed is sometimes the most stressful part of the day!

My oldest has problems falling to sleep and it makes the nighttime difficult for everyone in the house.  I found these helpful tips and wanted to share them with you.  Do any of your kids have problems at bedtime?

Transitioning your child from a fun and busy day to the quite time of night can be hard.  Here are some strategies to reduce nighttime stress.

1. During a non-stressful time talk to your child about what worries them at bedtime.  If they are scared of the dark offer to keep a night light on.  If they think there are monsters in the  closet do a “monster check” before bed.  Work with them to problem solve together.

2.  If it takes your child a long time to unwind start the bedtime routine earlier.  Give them time to unwind and talk about their worries or fears.  Then follow your normal bedtime routine.

3. Give your child a “worry journal” or “worry doll.”  Let your child talk about their fears or worries.  Your child can tell the doll their fears and the doll can hold your child’s fears or worries for them overnight.   A worry journal allows your child to release their concerns and clear their mind.

I know the worry journal helped with my oldest.  She writes in it before bedtime and it helps her fall asleep quicker at night.

Do you have any thing that has helped your child with nighttime anxiety?

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