DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

Happy Halloween!!


Halloween is just around the corner!  Are you still  stumped for costume ideas?  TLC is here to help, with our favorite costumes that kids can make themselves with a parent or nanny’s help.

1)      M&Ms/Skittles bag: With some felt, carefully cut out circles of “candy.” Next, sew or glue the candy pieces onto a black (M&M) or red (Skittle) outfit.  Your kids will transform into little packets of their favorite candy!

2)      Bubble bath: Cut the bottom out of an inflatable kiddie pool to go around your child’s waist and attach suspenders so it stays up, then glue on some small balloons to look like bubbles.

3)      Pig in a blanket: All you need to turn your kid into an adorable little piglet are pink clothes and some easy homemade pig ears and nose. Then wrap them up in a blanket and you’re all set!

4)      Raining cats and dogs: Dress your child in rainboots and a raincoat, and attach felt cat and dog shapes to an umbrella. They’ll love that it’s “punny”!

5)      Watercolors: All you need is a kicky felt beret, and a paper or felt poncho with round patches glued on to look like a watercolor palette.

6)      Sailor: Dress them up in stripes and a sailor hat, then fashion a boat out of paper and hang it around your child’s waist like you would with the bubble bath costume mentioned above.

7)      Wind-up doll: Dress your child up like a little doll, and attach a big paper key to their back. You can even try “turning” it and getting them to dance!

8)      Hot-air balloon: A laundry basket with the bottom cut out and a balloon attached should do the trick.

9)   Rain cloud: Dress their torso in white felt or a ton of cotton balls, and attach little blue paper raindrops to their legs. It may seem dreary, but we promise it’ll be cute!

Happy and safe trick or treating!

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Not So Scary Halloween Events

Halloween in St. Louis doesn’t have to be too scary. There are plenty of fun and safe events for kids and the whole family.  Many of your favorite Saint Louis attractions are celebrating Halloween.

Here is a list of some fun events the whole family can enjoy. 

Visit Booterflies at the Butterfly House in Faust Park.  Visit the Butterfly House on October 21st and 22nd to join the party. 

Purina Farms has transformed into the Haunted Hayloft.  Kids can wear their costumes and enjoy visiting with the animals.  Don’t forget to take in the Magic Show!

Grants Farm has tram rides through the “spooky” park in the evenings every weekend this month.   There are carousel rides and pumpkin decorating. 

In St. Charles you can trick or treat at the Halloween Spooktacular.  On October 28th spend the evening with friendly ghosts and goblins at Memorial Park. 

Visit the Botanical Garden for Ghouls in the Garden.  Kids follow a map and trick or treat through the Garden on October 28th from 1-3.  This is also your last chance to enjoy the Childrens’s Garden before it closes for the winter.

Stop by the Magic House to enjoy the Not So Haunted House the weekends of October 19th-21st and 26th-28th.   With admission kids receive a free autograph book.  As they trick or treat through the house they can collect the signatures of some of their favorite storybook characters.

The Saint Louis Zoo is again hosting the  Boo at the Zoo Nights.  On October 17th-30th the Halloween fun is from 5:30-8:30.  This non-scary event is filled laughter and adventures and goody bags!

For admission cost and reservation information please call or visit each organization’s website.

Happy Halloween!

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