A Special Thank You to Babysitters

Being a nanny and a babysitter is an extremely important job.  You are responsible for caring for and keeping safe a parent’s most precious gift.  The days are filled with changing diapers, washing and refilling sippy cups and/or bottles, playing, reading, changing more diapers, and playing some more! It’s a tireless job that sometimes goes unnoticed.  Not by this mom!  Read the thank you Laura Harris wrote to her sitters for everything they do.

” My two kids are at the babysitter’s today. They’re running around in the watchful and loving care of my friend, Seyly, while I sit in a cafe and type on my laptop, listening to movie soundtracks in my earbuds. This is my one full day outside of the home to work as a freelance writer. My one day to chase my dream.

The rest of the week, I chase my other two little dreams. One has my laugh; the other has his daddy’s. For a long time, I felt guilty about doing something like this for myself. Then, I realized, it really does take a village. You, the babysitters, helped me overcome some pretty difficult stuff, and it’s time I shared my thanks with you.

Soon, I’ll pull into my friend’s driveway, and feel a flutter of excitement at the thought of seeing my children. I’ll open the door and find them both, safe and sound, racing around the house. It’s possible that they’ll react to my entrance by running away and sobbing, but I’ve come to take that as a good sign. They had a good time.

There’s no telling what kind of day my friend had, however. No telling how many bodily excretions she had to smell or wipe up. No telling how much food my kids spilled on her table or floor. I’ve been that sitter, as many of us have, and I just want to say,”Thanks.”

To all the sitters: You’re awesome and you probably don’t get paid enough. Some of you even choose not to get paid at all. You love our kids and keep ’em safe while we, the parents, try to remember the basic functions of adulthood sans babies.”

What a sweet thank you!  Read the full blog here.

If you are interested in becoming a nanny or babysitter contact TLC for Kids!  We are hiring in St. Louis, Atlanta, Miami, Boston, Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville.



Meet our Newest TLC for Kids Babysitters

We are happy to introduce three of our newest temporary sitters!

Krystal is currently attending the Hickey College school of Veterinary Technology and helps run an all male barbershop chorus. She has worked with children since she was 14 years old. Before working with TLC, Krystal babysat for friends and family since she was 14 and worked in a child development center. She has experience that ranges from one year olds to preteens! Krystal is available evenings and weekends.

Nadica is a very enthusiastic College student studying Mass Communications (TV and broadcasting). She has worked with children of all ages ranging from infancy to teenagers as a tutor, a gymnast coach and has held several nanny positions. She knows how to keep children active and motivated and is happy to prepare meals.

Caylee is a recent college graduate from SIUC. Caylee has a lot of personal experience working with children with disabilities – both during her internship with Special Olympics and summer nannying. She has also worked numerous sports camps for kids throughout her four years as a collegiate athlete.
Jasmine is available for day and evening shifts.

If you would like to arrange for any of these sitters for your next date night give us a call at 314-725-5660!

TLC for Kids Celebrates 30th Anniversary

St. Louis families looking for nannies, babysitters and newborn care have been trusting TLC for Kids for 30 years. TLC’s reputation in the community for providing quality caregivers and personal service makes them the go-to agency for busy families.

With a large staff of screened nannies and babysitters, parents can count on TLC for finding both full-time nannies and as-needed sitters for daytime, evenings, weekends, overnights and more.

Stephanie Graff and her sister, Sharon Graff-Radell, started TLC because they wanted families to have easy access to high caliber, one-on-one childcare when they need it most. “We offer peace of mind and take the stress away from busy families. Some of our clients use TLC three or more times a week and some only call us when their kids are sick, school is closed or their regular sitter can’t make it,” explains Stephanie Graff, TLC for Kids President.

Nowadays families may turn to online services to find nannies and sitters, but those are not always a safe or convenient way to find childcare. TLC offers a safer and more personal approach.

Families today don’t have time to comb through online matching services to find a needle in a haystack, then check references and run a background check to figure out if that one person will be available at 6 a.m. when their child is sick. TLC handles all of that for their clients.

The women who work in the TLC office understand the concerns of parents. They, too, have families, juggle children, work, etc. They make sure to get to know the preferences of the families they work with to quickly address their needs. Families don’t have to take the time to browse through random profiles. TLC’s recruiters personally interview and screen each candidate to facilitate the perfect match. “At TLC, we get to know our nannies and our clients so that when your family is in need, we will send an experienced caregiver who will give you the peace of mind you need,” Stephanie promises.

TLC not only locates caregivers for families, but also for daycares, preschools and religious organizations and special events.

“There is a misconception that it is expensive to use an agency. Using TLC will save you a lot of time and energy. For a $20 agency fee, an experienced, vetted caregiver will come to your home to care for your children. You make one call to TLC and we take care of the rest. It’s that simple,” Stephanie says.

TLC has recently since expanded to Florida where they service Miami, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Tampa, Orlando, St. Petersburg and Jacksonville. TLC can even provide its St. Louis members with a screened sitter when they vacation in one of these areas.

In addition to full and part-time nannies, temporary sitters and newborn care, TLC offers housekeepers, tutors, household managers, personal chefs, adult care, house sitters, pet sitters and even drivers. They also have qualified and experienced staff to take care for a range of special needs.

“From time to time, we do receive some unusual requests. Recently we had a family call us because they needed a caregiver to sit for 8 hours with their dog who was recovering from surgery. We have also cared for children at venues while their parents perform and recently, we had a client who requested someone to drive her son and his friends to a school dance and to the events afterwards,” Stephanie said. TLC’s mission has always been to help make life easier for families by providing excellent care. So whatever the need, they’d love to try and help. For more information on services, pricing, and to get started, you can visit the TLC website at tlcforkids.com or call and speak with them directly at 314-725-5660.

Back-Up Childcare Available in St. Louis

The school year has started.  And, when kids go to school they start sharing germs!

Chances are sometime this school year your kids will have sore throats, runny noses, fevers, or the flu and will need to stay home.   It is not easy for working parents to stay home from work when their child is sick.

In fact, A 2012 study by C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital found that 50% of today’s work force is worried about finding sick child care.

TLC for Kids is here to help!  TLC temporary caregivers are available to take care of sick kids who can’t go to school or daycare.   If your school or daycare calls during the day and your child needs to come home let us know.  We can try to send someone over within a few hours.

If you need help after hours our Emergency Service Coordinators Sarah and Debbie are available until 9:45 pm Sunday through Thursday and start working again at 6:30 am Monday through Friday.

All TLC for Kids caregivers have experience working with children and have been screened by our professional staff.  Register with TLC at tlcforkids.com or call 314-725-5660 for the St. Louis, Mo. office and 305-256-5905 for the Florida office.