What is a Household Manager?

While TLC for Kids has a reputation for providing care to families with younger children, they also have services for families with older kids too.

TLC for Kids has nannies available to work as household managers.  Household Managers are a great fit for families with school age kids.

A household manager has a wide range of job responsibilities:

• Take the kids to school in the morning

• Clean and organize the house

• Do laundry

• Run errands (grocery shopping, dry cleaning)

• Schedule appointments (and take the kids to the appointments, if needed)

• Handle repairs and maintenance services

• Pick kids up after school, and take them to after school activities

• Care for children when sick

A household manager keeps your home and family running seamlessly. Having a household manager allows you to enjoy time with your family when you are home, and focus on work when you’re at work.

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Modern Family's New Manny

This week on Modern Family Gloria hires a ‘manny,” Andy.  The “manny” explains that he is there for everyone, not just baby Joe.  His hope is to make life happier and healthier for the whole family.

More and more families are hiring male nannies.  Here at TLC for Kids  we have some families request a male nanny, especially, if the family has boys.  A male nanny can be  a great model for young men.

Did you see the episode?  Here is a clip of Andy meeting the rest of the family.

What did you think?  Would you be open to hiring  a male nanny?

Summer Gardening Tips

Memorial Day is less than two weeks away.  With that comes the official start of summer!  Are you ready?
If the kids are looking for something to do this summer with the nanny why not have them plant a garden?  Your summer nanny and the kids can plant a beautiful flower garden or they can work on growing their own vegetables this summer.
Gardening has become a huge trend in the last few years.  A lot of people are growing their own foods to save money and to know where their food is coming from.
Here are some tips from Better Homes and Gardens on how to start your own garden this year.

Our own Angela has a green thumb and has an amazing vegetable garden!

P.S.  It’s not too late to hire sitters for the summer.  TLC For Kids has great college students ready to work this summer.  Contact us about your babysitting needs today!

Going Green with your Baby and Nanny

TLC For Kids Miami is so excited to be  at the Green Baby Fair in Miami this weekend.

If you are looking for a nanny in Miami swing by our booth and talk to us.  We also have screened Miami babysitters who will come to your home.  If you can’t make it Saturday call us at (305) 256-5905.

Here are a few green activities for caregivers to do with kids:

1. Encourage walking, biking and public transit with the kids which can be much more of an adventure than driving.
2. Have the sitter make a poster of a big pile of plastic water bottles with the kids. Every time they find one to recycle, the kids can erase it from the pile… It teaches them to know how wasteful a simple thing as a water bottle can be.
3. Encourage [green] behavior by involving the kids and nanny in a garden. No matter how big or small, a simple pot could grow a tomato plant
4.  Start a compost pile.  Keeping your food scraps and composting them is a great way to keep your trash “foot print” small.
5.  Recycle water.  Put a rain barrel outside to collect the rain water.  Your kids and nanny can use the recycled water for your garden.
6.  Use old cardboard cut into pieces and cardboard rolls to make roads and tunnels for toy cars, trains or people.