The Benefits of A Nanny Work Agreement

Like any other relationship, good communication is vital to having an effective nanny/parent-family relationship. To avoid any miscommunication, TLC Family Care suggests creating a work agreement, or contract, for both the nanny and family to agree to.

But what does a work agreement include?

Agreed upon salary: After you and your nanny have agreed on a salary, it should be clearly stated in the work agreement. This salary should include a description of paid holidays, how many allotted sick days your nanny has, and how many vacation days also. It should also include how sick days and vacation days will be handled. How much notice is needed for vacation days? Will vacation days be paid or unpaid? Will sick days be paid or unpaid? Whatever you decide should be defined in the agreement to avoid any conflict.

Job description: To ensure  quality work, your nanny needs to know what is expected of her. In your agreement, you should write out a detailed description of what her daily duties include. Written clear expectations give you something to refer back to if responsibilities aren’t  completed. 

Employment reviews and raises: Let your nanny know how her work will be evaluated and how often. Will it be a discussion every two weeks, will it be a written review every month, or will it be a bi-annual evaluation? Once you figure out the mechanics, add them to your work agreement. Your work agreement should also include whether this is potential for raises and bonuses.

Termination: Although hiring an in-home caregiver feels much more intimate than most jobs, it is important to remember they are still a household employee. In the work agreement, you should outline clear steps to what happens when you or the caregiver is ready to terminate the position. How many weeks notice do you need from the caregiver if they decide to leave? If you choose to fire the nanny, will it be on the spot or will you give her notice? If so, how much notice? Once you figure out what is comfortable for you to do in this situation, define it in the work agreement.

As you can see, a work agreement will set the tone for the job and assure that everyone is on the same page.

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National Nanny Appreciation Week

This week is “National Nanny Appreciation Week,” and we want to hear all about your nanny.

There are many different ways to celebrate your nanny next week, but one fun way is to enter her in TLC’s Nanny of the Year contest.  Shoot me an email and tell me why your nanny is the best. Even better, ask your kids! I can’t wait to here from you.

Take a few minutes and submit a short paragraph to  The winning nanny will be awarded a special prize for all her hard work. Each nanny entered will be featured on an up and coming TLC blog and Facebook posts.

After School Care in Miami

Today’s families are busier than ever. Kids go to school and parents go to work. Now it’s three o’clock and school is over. What happens? If you are like most parents in Miami you make arrangements for your kids to go somewhere after school or the kids go home to an empty house. Then when you get home at 6 you rush around trying to make dinner, complete homework, and then run to any and all extracurricular activities. But the day isn’t over yet. Once the kids are asleep parents are checking homework, making sure backpacks are filled, and reviewing tomorrow’s crazy schedule. Only then can you go to sleep and wake up and to do it all over again tomorrow.

Working parents need help balancing work and home. We need a way to alleviate some of that stress so that our time at home can be spent reconnecting with our families.

TLC for Kids has witnessed a trend that’s helping and it’s what families are calling the “afternoon family assistant.” More and more families are hiring nannies to help in this crunch time. A traditional after school nanny picked up the kids from school, fed them a snack and played with them until mom or dad got home. Today’s afternoon family assistant is now tutoring homework, running the after school calendar, helping with dinner, and getting organized for tomorrow. “Our families love the afternoon family assistant,” said Sharon Graff-Radell, the owner of TLC for Kids. “One mom told me she loves being able to come home from work and spend time with her kids instead of hustling them from one thing to another.”

Typically the afternoon family assistant is a college student at a local school. All  TLC nannies have  childcare experience and clear background checks, including a driver’s record.

To learn more about TLC for Kids and the afternoon family assistant contact Sharon Graff-Radell at 305-256-5905 or visit the website at


Transitioning from Nanny to Household Manager Tips

As kids get older the needs of the family change.  The family you are working for no longer need you to plan play dates, work on gross motor skills, and work on imaginative play.  Instead you are needed for house organizing, chauffeuring duties, and homework help.  TLC For Kids places nannies in full-time Household Manager positions.

I came across these tips from the blog.


Understand that you won’t be punching a time clock.  While you may be used to starting when the parents leave in the morning and being done when they come home, the role of a Household Manager isn’t so black and white.  An urgent repair may require a vendor call at 7 am, a delivery may have truck trouble or get stuck in traffic, and will now arrive at 8 pm.  It all requires flexibility, lots of patience, and the ability to think quickly, problem solve and multitask.   If you work more than forty hours in the work week you will be compensated for overtime.

Be Organized.  Keeping an accurate and detailed calendar is a must.  I keep a paper calendar for quick reference on my desk, as well as notes on what tasks were completed that day, follow ups to be done and general notes to self.    I also utilize Gmail and their calendar is great as it syncs with my cell phone and I can color code vendors, school, work and personal appointments. The capability to keep notes on the appointment is a plus as well.   Technology is your friend!  Get to know the latest apps available to help with organization, time management, note taking, mileage tracking and more.

Clearly define your work agreement.  We highly recommend a detailed work agreement.  Since you be doing childcare and household managing make sure the contract covers both.  The contract should clearly define all of the responsibilities and include which role plays a priority in special circumstances, such as sick child, vacations, and inclement weather.  Remember to be flexible.  Not every day goes as planned.

If you are interested in learning more about Household Manager positions please contact us.

Going Green with your Baby and Nanny

TLC For Kids Miami is so excited to be  at the Green Baby Fair in Miami this weekend.

If you are looking for a nanny in Miami swing by our booth and talk to us.  We also have screened Miami babysitters who will come to your home.  If you can’t make it Saturday call us at (305) 256-5905.

Here are a few green activities for caregivers to do with kids:

1. Encourage walking, biking and public transit with the kids which can be much more of an adventure than driving.
2. Have the sitter make a poster of a big pile of plastic water bottles with the kids. Every time they find one to recycle, the kids can erase it from the pile… It teaches them to know how wasteful a simple thing as a water bottle can be.
3. Encourage [green] behavior by involving the kids and nanny in a garden. No matter how big or small, a simple pot could grow a tomato plant
4.  Start a compost pile.  Keeping your food scraps and composting them is a great way to keep your trash “foot print” small.
5.  Recycle water.  Put a rain barrel outside to collect the rain water.  Your kids and nanny can use the recycled water for your garden.
6.  Use old cardboard cut into pieces and cardboard rolls to make roads and tunnels for toy cars, trains or people.