7 Ways To Practice Self-Care While Caring For Others

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No Care Without Self-Care 

Caregivers in the United States are a diverse group of individuals that represent approximately 17% of Americans. Nearly 40 million people that differ in age, gender, socioeconomic status, and racial/ethnic background have taken on the responsibility of caring for the needs of someone living with a chronic condition, a disability, or the impacts of old age on their own self-care.

Caring for a loved one can be one of the most rewarding acts you may perform in your lifetime, but it can also be one of the most challenging. Typically, family caregivers wear multiple hats; you are the nurse, the banker, the psychologist, and the chauffeur. Due to the wide range of responsibilities, your role is vital to the sustainability and longevity of your care-receiver.

In contrast, studies have shown that caregivers need to maintain their own self-care, as caregiving can have negative impacts on a caregiver’s health, both physical and emotional.

To ensure caregiver burnout does not occur, you must practice emotional hygiene with the same diligence you take when caring for your loved one.

Emotional hygiene refers to the practice of being mindful of our psychological health and adopting brief daily habits to monitor and address psychological wounds when we sustain them.

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A conversation with a TLC temp nanny…

Greetings St. Louis,

I was just talking to TLC nanny Sarah S. who is a full-time temporary nanny.  After I gave her a house-sitting job for the weekend, we got to chatting.  She was telling me about a friend she has who goes to school in another state who is super jealous of her job with TLC for Kids!  She is new to St. Louis, but really happy with her school, the city and her nanny position.  I always love to hear positive things from our amazing caregivers and wanted to share her story with you all.

As a temporary nanny, Sarah is able to set her own hours, be choosy about where and when she works, and best of all each babysitting job brings something new and interesting.  She told me about a family she worked with that had two super active boys and the trio played soccer in the backyard almost all afternoon — until they were all worn out!  She said that a job she had last weekend with a very sweet six month old baby who did nothing but coo and smile while she was there.
Sarah said that she really loves working on our temporary staff not only because of the variety of jobs but also because it is great experience for her as she takes classes toward an Early Childhood Degree.  While her friend is busy waiting table and adhering to a strict schedule, she is helping out St. Louis’ families feel at ease with her exceptional skills and having fun while earning extra income.  As her placement counselor, I couldn’t be happier!

If you know of anyone seeking a great job with a flexible schedule who is great with kids, tell them to give us a call or check out our application process.

Have a great day! Maria G.