Southern Florida Concierge Event

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Sharon Graff Radell at the TLC for Kids booth





TLC for Kids Miami had a great time at the Southern Florida Concierge  Association Vendors Fair.




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Gregg Radell from TLC for Kids Miami petting a baby tiger.

Sharon and Gregg enjoyed the event at the incredible Miami Jungle Island.  In attendance at the event were tourism vendors,  concierges and hotel guest service employees from some of Miami’s finest hotels.  TLC was able to meet with representatives from the The Ritz Carlton Miami Beach, The Trump Hollywood, The Doral Intercontinental, and The Fontainebleau.  We told them all about our South Miami and Fort Lauderdale Hotel Babysitting Service.

Along with the hotels representatives from some of Miami’s best restaurants and transportation services were there.

The Jungle Island is a fun and scenic Miami venue and attendees were able to pet a baby tiger, a baby kangaroo, and of course the famous “parrot jungle” birds were in attendance.

To learn more about Hotel Babysitting in Miami or Fort Lauderdale visit or give us a call at 305-256-5905.


Hotel Babysitters

Summer vacations are a lot of fun for everyone.  Kids love traveling to new places and seeing all the cool things a different city can offer.  If your kids are like my kids, one of the most fun things about a vacation is the hotel.  I don’t know why, but most kids the idea of staying in a hotel for a few days.

Parents, however, can find the hotel room a little cramped.  After a long day and nights of sight seeing parents can use a little recharge time.

TLC For Kids can help!  We offer hotel babysitting in St. Louis, Mo.  Our Miami office offers hotel babysitting in Fort Lauderdale and Miami!  Our hotel sitters are fun, reliable and screened.  They will come to the hotel with games and activities for the kids to do while you enjoy an evening out.

Visit our website to complete the hotel registration form.  TLC recommends booking your sitter prior to your arrival but last minute requests are welcome.