Getting Ready for School

Yikes!!  Schools are starting.   Are you ready for school this year?

The first thing Miami working parents can do ensure a great school year is to line up childcare. TLC For Kids can help with all your back to school childcare needs. We can help Miami families with after school nannies. And our temporary babysitting staff can help with days off. TLC For Kids even has emergency babysitting service that can help with last minute sick care needs..

After your lined up your childcare it’s time to get organized! Organizing means decluttering! Find the places in your house where papers gather and go through it. Anything from last school year or summer camps can be trashed. Things that you thought you were going to do this summer and didn’t can be thrown away. Then go through your kids room and do the same thing. Projects from the previous school year can be packed away or recycled to make room for things from this upcoming year.

Pull out anything you will need to start this school year. Things like your school supply list, immunization records, reading lists, and the school calender. Review these papers and make sure you have everything you need to get the school year started on the right foot!

What are your tips for getting organized for the school year?

After School Care in Miami

Today’s families are busier than ever. Kids go to school and parents go to work. Now it’s three o’clock and school is over. What happens? If you are like most parents in Miami you make arrangements for your kids to go somewhere after school or the kids go home to an empty house. Then when you get home at 6 you rush around trying to make dinner, complete homework, and then run to any and all extracurricular activities. But the day isn’t over yet. Once the kids are asleep parents are checking homework, making sure backpacks are filled, and reviewing tomorrow’s crazy schedule. Only then can you go to sleep and wake up and to do it all over again tomorrow.

Working parents need help balancing work and home. We need a way to alleviate some of that stress so that our time at home can be spent reconnecting with our families.

TLC for Kids has witnessed a trend that’s helping and it’s what families are calling the “afternoon family assistant.” More and more families are hiring nannies to help in this crunch time. A traditional after school nanny picked up the kids from school, fed them a snack and played with them until mom or dad got home. Today’s afternoon family assistant is now tutoring homework, running the after school calendar, helping with dinner, and getting organized for tomorrow. “Our families love the afternoon family assistant,” said Sharon Graff-Radell, the owner of TLC for Kids. “One mom told me she loves being able to come home from work and spend time with her kids instead of hustling them from one thing to another.”

Typically the afternoon family assistant is a college student at a local school. All  TLC nannies have  childcare experience and clear background checks, including a driver’s record.

To learn more about TLC for Kids and the afternoon family assistant contact Sharon Graff-Radell at 305-256-5905 or visit the website at