Job Id: 891
Post Date: 2020-02-18 Job Title: Nanny with Infant Experience needed in Clayton
Job Type: Full-time Nanny Location: Clayton
Start Date: 2020-08-03 Zip Code: 63105
Hourly Rate: Weekly Rate: $800-$1000
Job Descrption: Calm nanny with newborn experience is needed in Clayton. Baby has an older brother in Middle School and one in Elementary School and she will be home all day with the nanny. On nice weather days they walk to school but on occasion the nanny may need to take them and/or bring them home. Nanny is needed Monday-Friday 7:30a-5:30pm. While the baby is napping nanny can help with laundry, cleaning bottles, bring in deliveries, and pick up the play room. No pets in the home and a parent does work from home in separate office.