Spring Break is Here!!!

Spring Break is a fun, and busy, time of the year! Whether you are going out of town for a warm getaway, or having a stay-cation  TLC Family Care can help you with your Spring Break needs.

1.            Pet and House Sitter

Lots of families go on vacations for Spring Break. But not every vacation is inviting for your four-legged friends. Instead of taking your family pet to a pet daycare, have a sitter come to your home. Your pet will receive the same attention as if you were home with them. And a TLC sitter can do more than just watch your pet. They can also stay at your house to keep everything safe and allow you to enjoy your vacation without worrying.

2.            Bring a Sitter on Vacation

Did you know TLC sitters are available to travel with your family on vacation? Families often fill their vacation schedules with activities for the kids. But TLC for Kids recognizes parents need a vacation for themselves, too. Bringing a TLC sitter or nanny a long gives parents the flexibility to see places they are interested in, have quiet meals at adult places, and know their kids are being cared for by someone they trust and their kids are comfortable with (remember you can request your favorite sitters anytime you need a TLC nanny).

3.            Sitter/Chauffeur

If your kids are out of school for the week, but you still have to work, don’t worry! With TLC Family Care, you can hire a nanny for the entire week. Our sitters can come to your home with activities to keep the kids entertained while they are away from school. TLC sitters also have reliable and insured forms of transportation, so the nanny can take your kids to places around the city or to and from their practices/school events.


The professionals at TLC Family Care personally assist nannies, babysitters and families in St. Louis, Atlanta, Chicago, Nashville, Memphis, Charlotte, Miami and Orlando to find the right childcare arrangement. Our mission is to provide a safe and personalized  approach for families and caregivers to connect with each other that is not an internet search. TLC has worked with families, nannies, sitters, newborn care providers, and tutors for over 35 years and looks forward to working with you! To find great nanny and babysitting jobs visit us at tlc@tlcforkids.com or Call 314-725-5660.

Spring Break in Florida!!!

Are you going to Florida this spring break?  South Florida is a great escape from the cold weather. Florida has so much to offer families this Spring.
First thing on any families spring break list is the beach. One of the best things about visiting Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach are the beautiful beaches!  You and your family can enjoy the warm temperatures on the beach during the day. When evening comes hire a TLC for Kids babysitter to watch the kids so you can enjoy the South Beach night life.

There is more to do in Florida than just the beach. Miami has some fun attractions for families too.  Jungle Island is a popular place for families and features a unique petting zoo. Stop by the Miami Zoo to see the famous Miami Flamingos. Another great destination for the family is the Miami Children’s Museum. This museum is like no other because it features  a two story sand castle!

Spring break in Miami isn’t just for kids. Take the time to enjoy some couple time while on break. TLC babysitters are screened and ready to work in Miami, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and Tampa.

Reserve a TLC  sitter to come to the hotel while you enjoy a date night!


Tips on how to enjoy Art Basel when traveling with children.

So you want to bask in all of the Miami essence that comes with visiting for Art Basel. Special exhibits, pre-parties, after-parties, concerts, fabulous restaurants, and more. But there’s just one obstacle: Traveling with young children. Sure, we love to have them tag along and hate to leave them back home with the grandparents, but the multi-day party that is Art Basel creates an environment that is not entirely compatible with the young ones.

With a little bit of advanced planning, you can be sure to enjoy the best of both worlds so that the kids have a great time and you do too!

As so many Art Basel events occur in the evening, one strategy is to take advantage of Miami’s excellent kid-friendly attractions during the early part of the day. Attractions such as the Miami Children’s Museum,  Jungle Island,  Crandon Park Amusement Center, or an amphibious adventure with Duck Tours on South Beach will provide much needed entertainment for the kids that parents can share and enjoy with them!

Ok, so now the kiddos are entertained and worn out and its time for the parents (who have presumably conserved some energy) to go enjoy the Art Basel action. What now? Yes, we want to expose our children to wonderful art, but the massiveness of exhibitions such as Red Dot, Aqua, Context, Art Miami, and many others is capable of testing the endurance of the hardiest adults, let alone children.

That’s where TLC Family Care can help. Perhaps you’d like to take an early evening stroll through an exhibition hall with your children and have an extra set of eyes, ears, and hands to ensure the kids don’t touch the art (with the big “do not touch” sign on it), break anything, or run around and get lost in the massive halls while you attempt to take a serious and thoughtful look at the abundant and diverse art. One of TLC’s fully vetted and loving caregivers will be glad to join you and look after the kids to allow you to focus a bit more on the artistic treasures. Alternatively (or immediately after) TLC will send a sitter to your hotel room so that you can go out and enjoy the exhibitions, fine restaurants, and nightlife. You’ll be assured that your children are having a great time at your hotel playing, reading, and doing other activities before they get safely tucked in for a good night’s rest.

It’s really the best of both worlds; you can enjoy Miami’s beaches and attractions with your children by day, and also to get in some “adult-time” at night. Art Basel and Children DO go together well when you add a little bit of TLC caregiving to the equation.

It’s easy to book a TLC Miami hotel babysitter. Simply visit TLC Family Care and fill out our short application. A TLC representative will contact you immediately to assign and confirm an experienced and fully qualified sitter who will have fun with your children and set your mind at ease.

Last-minute requests are welcome, but we advise that you book in advance to be certain of getting the coverage you want. This is one of the busiest times of year for our on-call sitters. Use the link above or call TLC at 305.256.5905. We’d be happy to tell you more about our awesome sitters and get you set up with coverage to make your visit run smoothly.

Enjoy the art!


Babysitters for Art Basel

Art Basel is an exciting time of year in Miami.  However, visiting exhibits like Art Miami,  Aqua, and Red Dot can be stressful with young kids. It’s hard to enjoy all the beautiful art work when you are worried about your kids touching everything!  

Parents start to wonder what to do with their kids while they are at Art Basel or enjoying the Miami Nightlife.

TLC for Kids Miami has the answer! TLC For Kids has vetted, loving and experienced babysitters who can come to your hotel to entertain and safeguard your children so you can tour Art Basal.

It’s easy to reserve a TLC Miami hotel babysitter. Visit our website to complete the Hotel Reservation form.  A TLC representative will contact you immediately to assign and confirm an experienced sitter.  TLC sitters will make sure your child is having fun while you are away!



TLC For Kids, Inc. has been St. Louis’ premier nanny and babysitting agency  for over 25 years. We also provide caregivers in Miami, South Florida and Atlanta.  TLC For Kids’ dedicated staff is ready to assist you in finding nannies, tutors, newborn care specialists, sitters and more. Reach us at info@tlcforkids.com or 314-725-5660.

Make TLC the Best Part of Your Summer Vacation: Book Your Hotel Sitter Today!

Headed to Florida for vacation? There’s a lot of fun to be had for everyone! Kids – and adults – love traveling to new places and seeing all the cool things a different city can offer.  If you are

traveling to Miami there are so many fun places to go with your kids.  Check out some of our favorite family-friendly locations:

The Miami Museum of Natural Science , Miami Coral Castle Museum, Miami Metro Zoo, Miami Seaquarium  and  Jungle Island.

For kids one of the best things about vacation is the hotel.  I don’t know why but,  most kids LOVE the idea of staying in a hotel for a few days.

Parents, however, can find the hotel room a little cramped after a few days. Especially after long days and nights of sight seeing, parents can use a night away from the hotel and a  little time to relax and recharge.

TLC Family Care can help.  Our Miami office offers hotel babysitting in Fort Lauderdale,  Miami and the Palm Beaches!  Our hotel sitters are fun, reliable and screened.  They will come to the hotel with games and activities for the kids to do while parents enjoy an evening out. Your TLC Sitter will become your favorite part of vacation!

Visit our website to complete the hotel registration form.  TLC recommends booking your sitter prior to your arrival but last minute requests are welcome.

Getting Ready for Baby!

TLC for KidsA few weeks ago I found out I was going to be an aunt again! I’m so excited that my sister is expecting a little baby early next year. I wanted to help her get ready for the new arrival so I started searching the internet. There is so much helpful information on line for parents. I wish I had all this information at my finger tips when my kids were babies! Anyway, I came across this blog on preparing the nursery. How fun would it be to help my sister prepare the nursery?!?!

The blog mentions the things you need to set the right environment for you and the baby. You will be spending a lot of time in the nursery so make sure it’s peaceful, comfortable, and quiet. The blog also talks about important things to look for while choosing a crib. If you would like to read the blog and the tips on selecting a crib you can click here for the blog. It’s going to be so fun setting up the nursery.

TLC for Kids can also help with a new baby.  Our incredible staff of daytime and night time caregivers in South Florida are ready to care for your newborn.  Read more about our newborn care services and caregivers here. 

Don't Forgot About The Newborn Specialist Training!

Don’t forget the Advanced Newborn Care Specialist Intensive Training Weekend September 9 – 11, 2016 at the Embassy Suites Dulles Airport in Herndon, VA, located just outside Washington, DC.

This a great way for Miami Newborn Specialists to gain some specific training in working with newborns. In order to operate at the top of your game and be in demand, you must be knowledgeable about the current trends in apps and technology, evidence based knowledge and emerging trends in the Newborn Care industry.

Special pricing is still available.

Click here for registration details!

TLC Family Care has experienced Newborn Specialists available to help with your newborn needs.  Call us at 305-256-5905 or visit our website for more information.

Floridia Newborn Care Providers

TLC Newborn CareComing home with a new baby or babies will probably be the most beautiful and the most hectic time you’ve ever known. It can be exhausting and overwhelming even for the most seasoned of parents.

Any family welcoming a new baby can use a helping hand. TLC for Kids Newborn Care Specialists can help!
Take a minute to read about some of the experienced caregivers we have on call ready to help you with your newborn care needs.  Give us a call at 302-256-5905 to reserve your caregiver today.


Miami-Dade County Newborn Overnights


Mary-Ann: Mary-Ann has been a newborn care specialist in Miami for the past 7 years. She educates new parents on all aspects of newborn care, from breast feeding to swaddling. Mary-Ann knows how overwhelming it can feel to have a new baby in the home. She is soothing and she’s always looking for ways to support postpartum mothers both emotionally and physically. Our agency loves her, and our clients love her! She is calm and amazingly adaptable to all situations. Mary-Ann has also been a nanny and adult companion for many families. One of her references even refers to her as an Angel!

Janis: Janis is a certified Post-partum Doula, a mother and young grandmother who considers caring for newborns and children an honor. she is She is available to care for newborns and provide newborn overnights for families in Coral Gables, Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay, and Kendall.

Gertrudis: Gertrudis has over 10 years of experience caring for infants and children of all ages. She has also had experience with multiples and preemies. Originally from Paraguay, Gertrudis is bilingual and speaks fluent English and Spanish. She loves working with newborns and spends time taking classes and researching the latest methods in supporting new parents with their infants. Gertrudis is married and has 2 children, ages 10 and 12.

Midtown, Brickell, Miami Beach Newborn Overnights

Antonine: Besides being a seasoned, experienced nanny for over 18 years and a favorite babysitter in Miami Hotels, Antonine, who loves to further her education, recently became trained as Newborn Care Specialist. She is is also CPR certified and available for days, Evenings, week-ends and overnights.

Amber: Amber is a Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula as well as a mother of 2. She is committed to educating parents and helping them with the transition into parenthood. She is a strong advocate of parent infant bonding and will support mother’s in breastfeeding.

Gloria B: Gloria’s calling is working with babies and their parents. Gloria has over 15 years of expertise as an Infant Care Specialist. She has extensive experience caring for infants and toddlers, including multiples and preemies. She also has experience in sleep coaching, lactation education, and is fluent in English, Spanish, and American sign Language.

Broward County Newborn Overnights

Dawna: Dawna is a certified Birth Doula and Midwife Assistant providing education, advocacy, and support to expecting families during pregnancy, birth and the immediate postpartum period. Being a mother herself, her passion and experience surrounding birth, parenting, and the newborn are key ingredients to help keeping a new family confident, and on track during their transformation into parenthood.

Carmen: Carmen is a career nanny of 25 years specializing in newborns and toddlers. She is a certified Doula, Newborn Sleep Trainer and a Certified Nursing Assistant. She is loving, patient and extremely experienced in caring for newborns. She consider the safety, education, and privacy of the families she works for to be of utmost importance.

Boca Raton Newborn Overnights

Juneevan: Juneevan puts the C in Caregiver. Besides being an experienced live-in Baby nurse and nanny for over 40 years she is also a great caregiver for the mom. She has worked with children aged from birth to preteen. She is also a Certified Nursing Assistant and has worked in assisted living and adult day care facilities as well. Juneevan is experienced in all aspects of care from swaddling babies to creative play for toddlers and companionship for the elderly.

Kethrina: Kethrina has been working with children for many years and enjoys every moment of it. She completed coursework in childcare and hopes to pursue a degree in Early Childhood Education. Kethrina is also the Senior teacher and leader of the Children’s Ministry at her church.

Palm Beach /Wellington/PGA Newborn Overnights

Jennifer A: With more than 30 years experience taking care of newborns, Jennifer brings caring, professional assistance to families when they bring home their new babies. Here is a quote from one of her references “Jennifer is amazing! She was our baby nurse for both of my children, who are only 17 months apart. She came in and rescued me, I had no idea what to do with my first son and she helped me with nursing, night feedings, laundry, and even organizing my kitchen. Then when my daughter was born she helped me as well and was even able to help with my son who was a little older by then. She is truly a godsend, I don’t know what I would have done without her. She is so professional, punctual, and reliable. I recommend her 150%



Fourth of July Fireworks

Celebrating the Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. Growing up I enjoyed spending time with my family watching the fireworks.TLC hotel babysitters

As I got older, and had kids of my own, I quickly discovered that not all kids enjoy the fireworks as much as I did. Fireworks can be too loud for some kids. And, being in a large crowd can be too overwhelming for kids who have anxiety. We found it easier to watch the show from a safe distance so that it wasn’t too loud or crowded for my kids.

Another idea is to hire a sitter for the night. The babysitter can stay back and the parents can enjoy the fireworks with siblings or own their own.

If you need a sitter this holiday weekend contact TLC for Kids. We have screened babysitters who can come to the home or to the hotel.

Benefits of Being a Live-In Nanny

Are you considering being a live-in nanny? A live-in nanny job is a great opportunity to connect with the kids and help a family!

TLC for Kids has  live-in nanny jobs in Florida and St. Louis.  Take a look at our website for a list of current job openings.

If you aren’t sure about being a live-in nanny read some of the benefits listed below.

1.       Save Money.  Being a live-in nanny allows you to put aside the money you would be spending on rent and utilities.  This money can be used for tuition costs, student loans, or that dream home.

2.       Commute Free Living.  Living onsite means no more traffic jams on your way to work!  You can live a less stressful life not being in traffic twice a day!

3.       Gain Work Experience.  A nanny gains a lot of experience from being a live-in nanny.  The responsibilities that come with a live in nanny position can be transferred to other jobs in the future.

4.       Travel.  Live-in nannies are often asked to accompany the family on  vacation.   What a great way to see the country!

To learn more about nanny jobs in South Florida and St. Louis, Missouri visit our website today!