New backpack? Check.

New crayons? Check.

New clothes? Check.

Childcare? Don’t stress. No matter how much help you need, TLC for Kids has a few ideas on how to help you gear up for the school year.

1. Hire an after school nanny. Not every parent is able to be home after school with their kids. Luckily, TLC for Kids has caregivers with flexible schedules to care for your children when you need it. After school caregivers can pick up your child from school, help with homework, start on dinner, etc. All of our caregivers have reliable, insured forms of transportation and have been thoroughly vetted.

2. Make a list of your top five favorite nannies. Once the school year starts, calendars start overflowing with practices, PTA meetings, and plays. When parents get this busy, it is easy to forget when you need a sitter. Plan ahead and make your requests now with for your favorite sitters. Requesting your favorite sitters in advance helps ensure one of them will be available. A familiar nanny is easier for you and your kiddos because they’ve been to your house before—you don’t have to spend time explaining all the dos and don’ts. Plus, being requested for a job lets your nanny know he/she is doing her job well.

3. Emergency Childcare. No matter how much planning we do last minute needs come up. Our kids will get sick, an extra practice is scheduled or a last minute meeting is added to the calendar. Don’t worry, the TLC for Kids Emergency Service can help with these last minute needs.

TLC for Kids is here to help as you gear up for this school year. Visit us online at or call 314-725-5660.


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For many, the new school year is looking a lot different than what they expected. Virtual learning has become the new norm in many communities and households. Families are converting dining rooms into classrooms, and parents are learning new tech such as Zoom, Google Drive, Online Classrooms and much, much more. Kids are disappointed they won’t be joining their friends in the classroom and on the playground. Meanwhile, you’re working from home and struggling to manage your work and navigate through your child’s virtual learning needs.

As we all adjust and maneuver our way through these new systems, there are ways you can support your child in the days ahead. 

  1. Get Organized. Create a system of calendar, color coding, even post-it notes. Many say writing things down helps them remember. Write assignments down on a calendar – when they are due, deadlines, etc. Keep it where everyone can see it.
  2. Develop a System. Create a system where assignments come in and planned out, homework is turned in, logging in to the classroom, etc. Know that technical challenges will arise and not get upset when they do. We’re all struggling. Each of you take a breath, step away and come back and figure it out together. Determine how to avoid in the future, what could you have done differently?
  3. Make the Workspace Functional yet Comfortable. Don’t have other projects or your own work invade your child’s workspace. If you have multiple children, make sure each has their own designated space. Let them decorate or have one or two special items in view that provide comfort such as a favorite figurine, small stuffed animal, even a motivational framed quote or sticker. Don’t have their workspace next to a high-traffic area of the house, such as the laundry room or front door. Frequent interruptions will definitely impact their learning. Check out our Pinterest board for some inspiration!
  4. Create a schedule that works for all. While you’ll probably have set days and times for the classroom aspect of school with their teacher, make sure your child is getting plenty of time to get up and move around, do supplemental learning such as virtual field trips or arts and crafts.  Know that some days you may go off schedule. Take your cues from your child, and allow some flexibility during the challenging days. Maybe you both take a lunch break at the same time and make it part of your new daily routine.
  5. Support each other. Provide encouragement when they do something well. Motivate each other to finish that assignment you’ve both been putting off until the last minute. While they are doing virtual learning, you’re probably working from home. Find time to celebrate each of your accomplishments.

Finally, if you’re finding you still need support, reach out to TLC. We can assist in finding you support for at-home learning or a private educator to work one-on-one with your child.


To assist with the current crisis, TLC is temporarily offering FREE MEMBERSHIP and DISCOUNTED AGENCY FEES to all Medical Professionals and First Responders. We know you cannot work at home and want to help you ensure you have solid care arrangements for your loved ones. Call TLC at 314.725.5660 to learn more and get started.

TLC For Kids, Inc. has been St. Louis’ premier nanny and babysitting agency for over 30 years. TLC For Kids’ dedicated staff is ready to assist you in finding nannies, tutors, newborn care specialists, sitters and more in Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Ft. Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Palm Beach, Sarasota, St. Louis, Tampa and more!. Reach us at or 314-725-5660.

Families everywhere are getting ready for the beginning of the new school year.  Here are some helpful tips from Good Morning America parenting expert Ann Pleshette Murphy so you can be prepared for the first day.

1. Start readjusting to a school-year bedtime now.

2. Hang a family calendar and color-code everyone’s activities.

3. Gather all school forms as they arrive.

4. Book babysitters now for your school’s parents’ night and other dates when they’ll be in-demand.  Call TLC for Kids to help with all your babysitting needs.

5. Create a family station where you can find what you need as you head out the door.

6. Set up an in/out box for school forms.

7. Look at online organizational websites.

8. Discuss goals for the year.

9. Institute a night quiet hour.

10. Reach out to your child’s teacher.


Good luck on the first day.  Don’t forget to post your first day of school photo’s on our Facebook page for a chance to win $20 credit towards any TLC for Kids agency fee.


TLC For Kids, Inc. has been St. Louis’ premier nanny and babysitting agency for over 30 years.   TLC For Kids’ dedicated staff is ready to assist you in finding nannies, tutors, newborn care specialists, sitters and more.  Reach us at or 314-725-5660


Moving from elementary school to middle school is hard for anyone. Your middle schooler may feel overwhelmed, anxious and even scared to walk the halls of middle school. Depending on the setting, they could be in a new building. They could be with other kids they have not met yet. And, they could be the youngest around after being the oldest in their former school. When it comes time to make the move, be sure you are doing all you can to help them adjust.

No Mom!

The most common words you will hear from your middle schooler will start with the word “no.” This is normal and to be expected. The fact is, middle school is also a time when you start to explore yourself, forging your own way and getting to do things on your own, without mom and dad to help you through. When you ask your child if they would like your help, and they tell you no, realize this is a good sign. They are trying to work through their problems on their own, which should be a sign of good intentions.

On the other hand, you may hear a change in the discipline of your child during the middle school years. They may be more willing to talk back and may question your authority. Realize that this too is a sign of being independent and do not take it to heart. Most parents will still want to enforce the rules, as a family you should not feel that changes are necessary for your middle school kid.

It Isn’t Just The Building

There are many other changes happening for your middle school kid, too that have nothing to do with the school itself. Suddenly, boys are cute and girls look pretty. And, of course, puberty is in full swing, which means lots of raging hormones and misunderstood topics. You can help your child through these situations by simply being informative but not pushy. Ensure they have had the opportunity talk with you about puberty and that you have answered their questions. Give them guidance when you can without being too over the top about it. The fact is, your child will feel embarrassed and if you push them too far, you could push them away.

For many boys, puberty brings on more aggression and anger. This often happens at school. If you find your child is acting out more, realize that it may be normal, but that does not mean it is allowable. Talk with your school about potential problems and get them under control. Middle schoolers do need guidance and often need more reassurance of the rules than kids younger than them.

Handling School

School itself will change for your middle school child, too. A variety of school issues change too. Here are some things to prepare your child for leading up to middle school.

• Let them know that the demand for work will be higher during their middle school years than during their elementary years. This is also a time to talk with them about grades and the importance of them.

• Talk with your child about the increased amount of social activities and after school activities, they will have more exposure. Set limits on what they can do including what affect it can have on their grades.

• Let them know that they are going to have more responsibilities in school. For example, your child will be more responsible for finding their way from classroom to classroom. They will need to remember which books to bring home, as their teachers won’t be helping them.

Moving into middle school can be a lot of fun, too. Your children are going to meet new people and start growing into their own people. You may find this a good time for bounding, but more than likely your child will want more freedom to do the things that interest them. They may want to go to the mall with friends or meet their friends at the arcade. Realize that all of your hard work in talking to them and teaching them over the last few years is going to come into play now. In most cases, they will enjoy being a middle schooler, and you may enjoy them, too.


TLC For Kids, Inc. has been St. Louis’ premier nanny and babysitting agency for over 30 years. TLC For Kids’ dedicated staff is ready to assist you in finding nannies, tutors, newborn care specialists, sitters and more.  We serve St. Louis, Atlanta and Florida. Reach us at or 314-725-5660

Preparing your child for kindergarten can be one of the most anxiety filled situations for you. For them, it is an opportunity to go to school, which most children see as a positive situation. Remember that your child’s first teacher is you, not their kindergarten teacher. This means that you have the ability to build their cognitive, emotional and social behaviors and abilities prior to the day they start school. Several small things you can do will have a big impact on your child during their first years of formal education.


Children in preschool are learning to read. Studies have shown that children are able to comprehend and take in much more information and skill training prior to turning six. This shows that children as young as four can start learning to read. You don’t necessarily have to teach your child to read prior to their start of school, though. Kindergarten students will learn those skills. Yet, by reading to them, you start to form the connection and importance of reading with them. Ultimately, this is what will lock in the willingness and interest in reading.

Plan to read to your child each day. A short story, bedroom story or anything else can help to encourage them to learn to read and to be willing to read. Research shows that parents who read to their children are likely to have kids that read and do well in school. A visit to the library is all it takes to get started.

Educate Your Child On Their Surroundings

Go for a walk with your child and listen to the questions they have. They will ask about the grass, the bugs and the clouds. These are all small parts of their environment that they need to become familiar with. Talking to your child about these aspects will allow them to develop good language skills, interpretative skills and can lead to a child that is more inquisitive.

Encourage Language Development

Using the correct terminology for everything they deal with on a daily basis is also important. Children will often confuse pronouns, “this” and “that” and other small things in their language. Correct them and allow them to develop these skills over time. It will help them to communicate better in Kindergarten.

Develop Motor Skills

Fine motor skills like cutting and coloring in the lines are skills that are developed from the first times your child picks up a pair of scissors or a coloring book. These skills also lead to their ability to write well. To prepare your child for kindergarten, focus on giving your child tasks and games to play where they are encouraged to cut, smash play dough and play with finger-paint. Developing find motor skills is an essential part of being ready for school.

Larger motor skills are just as important. Riding a bike, playing sports and balancing on a balance beam are all helping to develop your child’s coordination. These too will lead to better Kindergarten skills.

Know What’s Expected

In order to be ready for kindergarten, you will need to work with your child and the child’s school. Find out what your school requires of children entering into kindergarten. This may include the ability to do several things:

• Communicate to a level where others understand them
• Knows how to wash his hands, takes off his coat, and ties his shoes
• Can handle going to the bathroom on his own
• Plays well with other children
• Picks up after themselves and shares their toys with others
• Follows directions when given by a teacher
• Expresses ideas
• Knows their colors, ABC’s and basic shapes, can count to ten
• Listens when others are speaking to him and does not interrupt
• Recognizes his name (can write his first name)
• Can concentrate on a task for at least ten minutes

Some schools have a more restrictive curriculum requirement for students entering into kindergarten. Meet with the school at least a year in advance to insure your child is prepared. In addition, work with preschool teachers to find out if there is anything, your child needs help on that they may now the child needs for kindergarten readiness.


TLC For Kids, Inc. has been St. Louis’ premier nanny and babysitting agency for over 30 years. TLC For Kids’ dedicated staff is ready to assist you in finding nannies, tutors, newborn care specialists, sitters and more.  We serve St. Louis, Atlanta and Florida. Reach us at or 314-725-5660

Eco friendly or green school supplies are one of the most looked for school supplies this year. Students are well aware of their ecological footprint and find it very cool to have the products and supplies that fit within their green lifestyle. Many parents are happy to encourage their child to choose school supplies that are healthier for the environment. The school supply manufacturers have listened to these needs and have put together some very eco cool supplies.

What You’ll Find

There are many products to look for in the eco friendly environment. Here’s a rundown of the options you may want to consider providing for your child at the start of the school year.

Pens and Pencils: A variety of new pens and pencils are on the market that are green school supplies. For example, you may want to try cedar pencils or those that are made of up to 50 percent post consumer recycled tired ballpoint pens. You may also want to consider pencils that are refillable and made from non-harmful toxins.

Supplies: Eco friendly or green school supplies range widely. For example, you may be able to choose an eco friendly, acid free, washable and less toxic OIC glue stick for your child. If they need tape, choose a cellulose-based product that is good for the environment. Virtually all of their small supplies are biodegradable or available as such.

Books And Folders: Perhaps the easiest of all forms of green school supplies to find are the books, folders and notebooks made from recycled paper products. You will also find binders made from up to 38 percent recycled PCW cardboard or report covers that are 100 percent recycled. Of course, most students know that by recycling these products themselves when done using them also helps to contribute to the care of the environment.

School Bags: It is now eco cool to have a good looking, stylish school bag that is environmentally friendly. This type of green school supply is available in the feedbag style, for example, made of environmentally friendly products like wool, recycled plastic bottles, jute or even organic cotton. For those looking for an even better choice, consider hemp backpacks.

Electronics Go Green

Even in the world of electronics, green school supplies are relatively easy to find. For example, most students are well aware of just how much energy their technology uses and are happy to choose electronics that reduce their dependency on energy in any form. You will find a range of desktop computers, monitors and laptops that are available with low energy requirements including some that are available as recycled products. You may want to check the Energy Star rating on these items before you purchase them. At the same time, if you are replacing any of these electronics in your home, be sure to recycle the older products properly.

Dressing With Green In Mind

Students are relying on not just green school supplies. Many are interested in finding a way to choose clothing that is more environmentally friendly to produce and use. A variety of options are available, with the most common being organic cotton. Many of the clothing items teens want are available in organic cotton. Another option is to choose hemp. Hemp clothing has become very stylish to wear and it is available in most malls and department stores.

School uniforms and clothing for younger children is also available in more environmentally friendly fashions.

Going Green Or Not?

For individuals who are looking for the best way to balance a budget for school supply shopping and to help with the environment, there will be choices to make. Some environmentally friendly products are a bit more expensive than other products, but the costs can offset by benefits, in some cases. Even just switching a few of the items you typically buy to more environmentally friendly can make a significant difference in the environment.

If you are unsure about where to find these great items, most are available through online outlets and green shopping sites. Eco friendly or not, green school supplies are the wave of the future for many students from elementary school through college.


TLC For Kids, Inc. has been St. Louis’ premier nanny and babysitting agency for over 30 years. TLC For Kids’ dedicated staff is ready to assist you in finding nannies, tutors, newborn care specialists, sitters and more.  We serve St. Louis, Atlanta and Florida. Reach us at or 314-725-5660

It’s time for your child to head back to school. You roll your eyes, because that means coming up with a new lunch five times a week, for the rest of the school year. What’s a parent to do? Here are some ideas for creative and healthy lunchbox ideas that you can send to school with your child.

  1. Bento Boxes

Bento boxes are originally from Japan, and they are a very creative way to serve your child food. There are containers especially made for this purpose, or else you can simply use a variety of boxes in an assortment of sizes that you already have.

Bento box food is generally shaped to look like flowers, animals or cartoon characters. The sky is the limit as far as creativity. There are plenty of websites dedicated solely to this artistic endeavor. Check them out and make your child’s lunch fun each and every day.

  1. Pasta

Pasta is an easy and quick lunchbox idea. Make a batch early in the week and then load it up with various vegetables and sauces to make many different options. You can pair spaghetti noodles with green peas and Parmesan, or add broccoli and a simple yet delicious tomato sauce to pasta shells.

  1. Sandwiches

Sandwiches have been an old lunch standby for as long as most of us can remember, but they are not to be scoffed at. There is almost nothing you cannot add between two pieces of bread that does not automatically become delicious. From peanut butter to BLTs, sandwiches filled the lunch boxes of our own childhood and continue to do so for our children.

Keep them fresh by storing any vegetables or other moist food in a separate container, so your child can put it all together directly before consuming it. Add new tastes to expand your child’s palate and prevent boredom, such as wasabi or sriracha mayo.

  1. Veggie Burritos

Why not turn an old favorite into a new lunch idea for your school-age child? Veggie burritos are easy to make and easy to store. What’s not to love about that? Simply choose a type each of beans, veggies, cheese and sauce, and then wrap it up. Your child will never get tired of all the options and combinations available.

  1. Soup

Soup is another great lunchbox standby. With all the thermoses and container options out there, it is easy to find something to keep it in, even keeping it warm until being eaten. A broth filled with numerous kinds of vegetables such as cauliflower, carrots, broccoli, zucchini and onions is healthy and lasts well in a lunchbox. Simply add a piece of bread and a few cheese sticks for a healthy, well-rounded meal.

  1. Salads

Salad is a great lunch option, and it does not have to be boring. Load it up with chickpeas, nuts, seeds, and top it off with a healthy dressing for a lunch your child will thank you for. There are now salad storage containers sold even at the big box stores that have special compartments to fit all the components of the salad – even tiny squeeze bottles for the dressing.

With all the options available, there is no reason for your child to get bored with their school lunches. Thanks to a variety of storage options, your child’s lunch can safely wait for lunch break and not even go bad. Fill up your child’s lunchbox with healthy meals to keep your child fueled all day long.

TLC For Kids, Inc. has been St. Louis’ premier nanny and babysitting agency for over 30 years.   TLC For Kids’ dedicated staff is ready to assist you in finding nannies, tutors, newborn care specialists, sitters and more.  Reach us at or 314-725-5660

Our guest post today comes from Regarding Nannies

I love to find and use other people’s bright ideas. Lately I have been frequenting more blogs. Secret experts hiding with the “I did this and it was successful” post, for every day of the week. It always feels like a little treasure that I find as I venture through these posts. It can become very time consuming! See, the bloggers are finding each other, so that when you find one great blog, you then have a blogroll (aka list of the blogs those bloggers are reading) of even more blogs. So yeah, I guess I have become the dork that not only writes a blog, put keeps up with bloggers like I have known them all my life. [And you are thinking, did she just say “blog” 8 times?] But, my little obsession will hopefully be your reward today, as My Favorite Things – Back To School Edition comes to you from some of these said bloggers. After all, they are the ones living the examples of creativity, first in real life and then again in pictures and text. So I thank you, bloggers. You not only save me time and money, but give me daily inspiration.

Get all of Regarding Nannies Favorite Things here!

TLC For Kids, Inc. has been St. Louis’ premier nanny and babysitting agency for over 30 years. TLC For Kids’ dedicated staff is ready to assist you in finding nannies, tutors, newborn care specialists, sitters and more.  Reach us at or 314-725-5660

Back to school is right around the corner. Have you considered your child care needs? 

Thanks to HomeWork Solutions for this insight into hiring an after school nanny. 

Your children are in elementary school full time and you and your partner are working full time. After school childcare is a priority. Your son wants to participate in an after-school computer program once a week, and your daughter wants to play fall soccer. Mom and dad have demanding jobs, and just getting a healthy dinner together can be a major challenge. You wonder, are there after school nannies?

Yes, many families turn to after school nanny care.

While there are certainly candidates looking for long term part time nanny positions, families find it can be challenging to hire reliable part time help. You don’t want to hire a part time nanny who is working for you until a full time opportunity comes along. Experts agree,  the more hours offered the better, and the more competitive the pay the better.

Many families look to college students but be aware their availability may change semester to semester.

You will still need coverage for school closures, teacher work days and when child is sick – the after school nanny may or may not be flexible enough to help here.

Calling all nannies! Looking for part-time work? TLC for Kids is working with a number of families in need of after school childcare. Only looking for 2 or 3 days a week? We have that too! Check out our list below and contact us at or 314-725-5660.

Click on job openings to see more of our available nanny jobs!

Family S has three kids and lives in Webster Groves. They need help on Tues/Thurs from 7:30a-8:00p. $12-$14/hr

Family P has 3 active kids and lives in Ladue. Will need after school help three or four days a week. Days and hours will be flexible. $13-$15/hr

Family E lives in Webster Groves and needs care Mon-Fri from 3:30p-5:30. Two Teenagers need transportation to lessons and practices. $15-$16/hr

Family Z lives in Clayton and needs care Mon-Fri 3:00-6:30p. Family has two kids and will pay $15/hr

Family ST lives in Clayton and needs help M/T/W/F from 12:00-5:00p. Care will be for two kids. $12-$15/hr

Family C lives in Ladue and needs a nanny to care for a 1.5 yr old and baby on the way. Care T/Th from 8:00a-7:00p and ideally one weekend night a month. $13/hr

Family B has two kinds and lives in Ballwin. They need T/W/F from 3:00p-6:00p. Could add a 4th day if nanny is interested. $15/hr

Family D lives in Columbia, Il. They have 2 kids and need care M/Th/F from 7:30-5. $13-15/hr

Family PA lives in Wildwood with three girls and needs help Mon-Fri 3:00p-8:00p. Could have nanny come in an hour early every day to do some house organization. $15/hr

Family K has a toddler and a newborn and lives in Richmond Heights. They are looking for someone with newborn experience who can work T – 2:30-6:00 W – 10:30-6:30 Th – 8:00-4:00p. $15/hr

Family R lives in Clayton with two boys. Family needs before and after school care Mon-Fri 7a-9a and 3-6p. $14/hr

Family H has two kids and lives in Chesterfield. They need a mature and organized nanny Mon-Fri 2:00-6:00p. $15/hr

Family Pi has two kids and lives in Kirkwood. They need help Tues/Wed from 3:00-6:00p. $13-$16/hr

Family KR lives in Webster Groves and has two kids. One child does have ADHD and OD. Ideal candidate will have experience with kids who have behavior disorders. Nanny needed Mon-Fri 2:30-5:00p $13-$15/hr

Family G has three kids and lives in Ladue. They need care M/W 3:30-8 T/TH 3:30-7:30 F 3:30-7:00. Will also need two mornings a week. $13/hr