Creatively Entertain Kids At Home

When hiring a babysitter to supervise their kids, parents don’t want someone to come over and watch TV. They want a sitter who will interact and play with the kids. If you do a good job and you and the kids have fun the parents will request you back next time. e-learning fun

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from series learning.   But for children, play is series learning. Play is the work of childhood.”  Fred Rogers

Here are a few ideas you can do next time you are babysitting.

  • Play dress up: collect fun hats, jewelry, clothing and props for the “dress-up box.”
  • Play cards and board games: don’t forget favorites like Hi Ho Cherry-O, Old Maid, Go Fish, Checkers, etc.
  • Have a puppet show: make puppets out of lunch sacks and construction paper.
  • Dance: turn up the tunes from Sesame Street, Radio Disney, and Wee-Sing for a toe-tapping good time.
  • Make jewelry using yarn and a variety of pasta shapes. You can paint them too.
  • Paint a shirt, hat or tote bag using fabric paint.
  • Have a treasure hunt hide things around the yard or house and have the children find them.
  •  Make musical instruments use spoons, pots and pans, paper towel rolls, paper plates and dried beans… and MARCH!
  • Build a “fort” using boxes and old blankets.
  • Make homemade holiday cards cards will all be more special when made by the little ones.

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