Celebrate Father’s Day

This Sunday is Father’s Day and TLC Family Care knows we work with some of best dads. Our caregivers and staff know the dads we work with are hardworking, caring, and supportive. Because of this, we want to help our TLC families say ‘thank you’ to their dads this

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Father and son

Father’s Day.

1.      Make something for Dad.

Homemade gifts are always a good gift for Dad (especially when you have young children) because they show you are thoughtful, creative, and give Dad something he can cherish forever. Popular homemade gifts for Father’s Day are items like custom coffee mugs, framed poems, hand-painted pictures, etc. Visit our Father’s Day Pinterest Board for cute gift ideas and how-to’s.

2.      Learn a skill from Dad.

Dads like to know their families value their abilities (and occasionally, dads like to show off their strengths)! Father’s Day is the perfect day to ask your dad to teach you how to do something that he does well. For example, if your dad is good at grilling, ask him to show you his tricks. Or if he’s a skilled carpenter, spend the day building a birdhouse together. It’s American tradition for dads to pass on traits to their offspring, and Father’s Day gives us the opportunity to carry out and uphold this age-old tradition.

3.      Take Dad to his favorite activity – COVID-19 Friendly, of course.

Like we said earlier, we know the dads who are a part of TLC are hardworking individuals. When people, like our hardworking dads, have demanding schedules, they rarely make times for themselves to do the things they enjoy. Father’s Day is the perfect time to let  Dad know he deserves a break by taking him to do his favorite activity. His favorite activity could be anything from going for a stroll in Forest Park, hitting the links on the golf course, watching his favorite sports team, or enjoying a delicious meal at his favorite restaurant. Whatever your dad likes to do, Father’s Day is the time to tell him how much he deserves a break.


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